The Greatest American Hero - Season 3

ABC (ended 1983)




Episode Guide

  • 6.4
    Bill accepts an invitation to be honored as Man of the Year by a Latin American country where years before he was instrumental in helping them establish a democratic government.
  • Desperado
    Episode 12
    Ralph and Pam come across some horse rustlers who steal a herd of wild mustangs, but Ralph stops them from capturing on the prize stallion, Desperado.
  • 6.8
    After receiving a bomb threat, Bill is put in charge of protecting Dak Hampton, the lead singer of a rock n. roll group.
  • 6.4
    Bill is called upon to find a missing Middle Eastern prince, but it turns out that the prince is involved in a game of Wizards & Warlocks. Ralph and Bill try to unravel the mystery of the game and find the prince before the potential kidnappers do.
  • 2/3/83
    Ralph and Bill find themselves trying to protect a Japanese man after a gang tries to kidnap him.
  • Space Ranger
    Episode 8
    Ralph's finds that his newest student is wanted by the CIA and KGB after tapping into a Soviet satellite.
  • Live at Eleven
    Episode 7
    Ralph tries to make the connection between terrorists who tried to steal plutonium, and a TV news anchor who plans to run for President.
  • 1/13/83
    Ralph must rescue Bill who has been kidnapped by a crazed scientist, who wants to experiment on him to find out what makes him such a successful agent.
  • The Newlywed Game
    Episode 5
    On the way to Ralph's bachelor party, he and Bill are kidnapped and Ralph is persuaded to fly a mission for the president.
  • 11/19/82

    A magician killed performing his greatest trick seemingly returns from the grave to murder his three rivals. Ralph must use his suit to out trick the would-be killer.

  • Pam is ready to break up with Ralph after he always puts the suit first. Bill gives them tickets to a tropical island to keep them together. Once there, they discover Bill's true plan-to use the suit to find a missing experimental aircraft.
  • The Price is Right
    Episode 2
    One of Ralph's high school classmates is now a pro football star, but gamblers kidnap his wife to force him to throw a game. Ralph dons the suit to save his pal, but to do so, Ralph must take his place in a big game.
  • 10/29/82
    Ralph and Bill get into a fight and Ralph quits the partnership and leaves the suit with Bill, but Ralph gets caught in the crossfire with some Neo-Nazi and is seriously wounded and the Nazis get possession of the suit.