The Greatest American Hero

Season 3 Episode 3

This is the One the Suit Was Meant For

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 1982 on ABC

Episode Recap

Ralph convinces Pam that he can take a break from the suit but when his plans to go away to a cabin fall through, Bill takes advantage. Bill provides them tickets to a tropical island and uses Ralph after a couple of days to track down a missing aircraft. Ralph and Bill locate the aircraft and take down most of the men. Ralph leaves and returns to the hotel and is come on to by another woman that he and Pam played tennis with earlier. Pam comes in on Ralph while the woman is on top aggressively pursuing him. She already managed to rip of his shirt and reveal the suit. Pam sees the suit and is very upset. Bill then calls in stating he is in trouble. She decides to break up with him and Ralph says it is her choice. They both go off to save Bill. Ralph has to find Bill's shirt to get a read on Bill's location and then he flies off to a pier where Bill is located. Bill is being held by an old Russian agent who admires Bill's record and recognizes them both as old warriors for their countries who have been set out to pasture instead of being honored. Ralph takes out the bad guys and finds out that the missing aircraft is going to collide with Air Force One at Mach 6. Ralph flies off at super speed and manages to dump the aircraft in the ocean in the last few seconds before collision. Pam is distraught thinking that he may not come back and is upset she let Ralph down. Ralph returns and then asks Pam to marry him after she confesses her insecurities. Pam accepts.