The Greatest Tune on Earth

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  • Season 1
    • Part 4
      Part 4
      Episode 4
      Professor Eric finds out that the strange creatures called the Umes are the units of musical energy. They hold the secret of the missing music. Before the professor can tell the World Council, the evil Mastro Maltroppo imprisons him! Oh no!
    • Part 3
      Part 3
      Episode 3
      The Professor, Allegra, and JS Bach (the dog) escape from the dungeon in time to tell the World Council what a rotter Maestro Maltroppo is. But Maltroppo is not beaten yet. He dresses up as Grandma Min and steals the Professor's baton!
    • Part 2
      Part 2
      Episode 2
      Greenbeard the pirate arrives! He is mad because he can't remember the rest of the song that starts with "Yo ho ho". Maltroppo confesses his evil deeds and the pirate laments his two lost sons. Who could they be? Can this help to save the music?
    • Part 1
      Part 1
      Episode 1
      Professor Eric Quavery is the Keeper of the Music but all the music has vanished! The World Council of Music sacks the professor and give the job to Maestro Maltroppo. But did he have something to do with it's disappearance? And what are the Umes?