The Green Hornet

Season 1 Episode 21

Bad Bet on a 459--Silent

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Feb 10, 1967 on ABC

Episode Recap

Overhearing a call about a silent alarm being tripped, the Green Hornet & Kato rush to the scene to investigate and inside the robbed jewelry store, Green Hornet finds a button. Just as he is about to get back in Black Beauty, the police arrive and, because of his reputation, shoot the Green Hornet in the left shoulder.

At his apartment later, Britt tells D.A. Scanlon about the button, which is from a police uniform, and concocts a plan to get proper medical attention for his wound. The next day, the entire city room at the Daily Sentinel is witness as the Green Hornet's flunky (Kato) shoots Britt Reid in the shoulder for an editorial about the Hornet.

After his surgery, Britt is told about a cop who was just reprimanded for a missing uniform button. Risking further injury, the Green Hornet goes to confront the cop and his partner who are monitoring for silent alarms, arriving before the ordered unit and helping themselves to whatever is available. He threatens them with exposure unless they lay off so no one suspects him anymore.

Moments later, the crooked cops go to a warehouse full of furs, which was a setup so Mike Axford could catch the Green Hornet, and are caught in the act by Axford. Green Hornet and Kato arrive just in time to save Axford and knock out the crooked cops, leaving them for the honest ones.
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