The Green Hornet

Season 1 Episode 7

Beautiful Dreamer (1)

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Oct 21, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Green Hornet rushes off to try and save a man, Wyley whose life is in jeopardy. He calls the man a professor of Psychology but his phone is busy. He's on the phone talking to someone threatening him to stop what he is doing or he will. He goes out to his car. Britt finally gets through and tells the secretary to ask him to come back into his office. He's in his car when a truck smashes into it.

Later at his home, Scanlon shows up to talk to Britt. He asks why he didn't call him; he could have saved the man. Britt says he had no time. He plays his phone answering machine, and it's a woman who says that Wyley's in danger. She didn't identify herself but heard someone on the background call her Harriet and that Mr. Eden wants her in the Tangerine room. Scanlon wonders if it's a bar or restaurant. Kato says he checked nothing. Scanlon says that there's a health club called the Vale of Eden which is operated by Peter Eden and their treatment rooms are color specified. Britt tries to call and ask for her but Eden refuses to give out her information. Britt tells Kato that they're going to the Vale of Eden.

Back at the Vale of Eden, Eden asks to speak to Harriet, who says she doesn't know who called but she's obviously nervous. After she leaves, Eden sends for his men.

The Green Hornet and Kato get into the Vale of Eden's files and find out where Harriet lives. They get there just as Eden's men are taking her away. They follow them and they throw Harriet out of the car. They stop to check on her but there's a crowd who think they harmed her so they leave.

The next day, Casey tells Britt that Harriet once worked at the Sentinel.

Britt goes to the Vale of Eden, and meets one of the patrons, the Treasurer at the race track, who talks of the music that they use in their treatments. Britt asks what he is talking about. Eden shows him the room and explains to him that the patrons are fitted with headphones and they listen to music. He shows them the dubbing room, which is equipped with a microphone. Britt takes one of the tapes but unbeknownst to him Eden is watching him from behind a one way mirror. When they try to leave, Eden asks them to try his treatments but he refuses and asks Casey if she would like to. Britt allows her to do so.

As he is about to leave, Vanessa, a socialite friend of his, is leaving and asks him for a lift to Oliver's, a jewelry store. Later at his office, Mike tells him about the robbery at Oliver's. It seems that a necklace worth nearly a quarter of a million dollars was stolen by a woman customer whose description matches Vanessa but when asked, even Oliver denies that the woman was in his store. If only the clerk didn't remember....Mike turns around and finds Britt gone.

He goes to Vanessa's and accuses her of the robbery. But she denies being at Oliver's and she also denies being at the Vale of Eden.

Casey, who is finally done with her treatment, is about to leave. But Eden hands her a gun which she puts in her purse and leaves.

At Britt's, the publisher and Scanlon are talking about Vanessa and that there have been other crimes committed by upstanding members of society. Britt thinks he knows what's going on and he plays the tape he took. At first, it's just music but when he slows the tape, they hear the voice of someone giving instructions to do a crime and to forget that they did it. That's when Britt reveals that Wyley was working on motivational research. It seems Eden got hold of his method and used it to make his clients commit crimes for him. It is then that Casey arrives and she pulls the gun and points it at Britt. Kato grabs the gun as it goes off. After the gun fires, she wakes up claiming not to recall anything. That's when Britt suspects Eden found out what he's doing. Scanlon picks up the phone to order Eden arrested, but Britt reminds him that he has no evidence. Britt then tells him that the Green Hornet's going to pay Eden a little visit.

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