The Green Hornet

Season 1 Episode 8

Beautiful Dreamer (2)

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Oct 28, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

After the brainwashing of Casey to kill Britt, he turns into the Green Hornet and goes to see Eden and demands half of what he is getting from his brainwashing scheme. At first Eden, denies what he is talking about but eventually admits to it and tells him of his next scheme, which is one of his patrons who works in a bank, is suppose to turn off the bank's security system. He tells them to be there so they can see.

Vanessa goes back to the Vale of Eden and tells Eden about Britt's accusations. Eden tells her that a treatment is what she needs. He takes her purse and puts an explosive in it.
Later the Green Hornet and Kato are waiting for Eden's men when Vanessa shows up. She tells them that Eden sent her and that the job is off. He then asks her if that is all. She says yes but appears to be nervous and is trying to get something out of her purse. When he offers to get it, she won't let him. And when she says she was told not to let it out of her sight, that's when he realizes that it's been booby trapped. He throws it into a dumpster just as it blows up. They take Vanessa home then go to deal with Eden.

Eden's in his office watching the news reporting on the explosion near the bank and assumes that they're all dead. He turns around to see them there as they gas him and take him to the room that has the brainwashing machine. They proceed to tell him to tell them his plan. When he wakes up he tells them that they're hitting the racetrack. They knock him out and proceed to go to the racetrack. They're counting the day's take when the armored car service comes to pick it up. The man in charge, who is one of Eden's customers, opens the door and sees that they're not the regulars and asks for some ID, which they give even though it happens to be blank but lets them in. He gives them the money.

They're about to leave when the Black Beauty arrives. They chase the truck and eventually the truck comes behind them and forces them onto the track. They're unable to move and the truck is coming at them. The Green Hornet tries to launch the rockets but it appears that they are broken. The truck is coming at them when the rockets finally fire and the truck is blown up.

The next day Vanessa is being interviewed about her time with the Green Hornet by Mike. That's when Mike wonders about why he just dropped her off instead of kidnapping her. And he also tells of what happened to Eden when the police went to pick him up, how he confessed to everything he did, even telling them where all the things he stole were and said that the Green Hornet told him to. That's when Vanessa reveals that she suspects that the Green Hornet is actually on the side of law and order. Mike dismisses her theory but Britt decides to take Vanessa out to talk about her theory. That's when Casey reminds him that today is the day he has to dine and mingle with the employees. He says he'll do it tomorrow. After they leave, Mike asks Casey if it's true that the Green Hornet is a good guy and that's when she calls the Green Hornet a stinker.