The Green Hornet

Season 1 Episode 19

Corpse of the Year (2)

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Jan 27, 1967 on ABC

Episode Recap

Britt Reid calls Dan Scully into his office and rehires him to the Daily Sentinel. His first assignment is to discover who was behind the murder of Simon Neal. Dan is stunned at Britt's accusation of murder, but consents to the assignment. He also suggests that Britt talk to Melissa Neal and find out if her uncle really intended to marry Sabrina Bradley. Britt does just that and Melissa claims Simon told her that he wasn't really going to marry Sabrina. She also says that Sabrina was just using her uncle to climb the corporate ladder and that she will pull the ladder out from under Sabrina now that the Daily Express is hers.

Meanwhile, Felix Garth calls Britt's office at the Sentinel and leaves a message with Casey, who calls Britt's house. Just as Kato is telling her that Britt isn't there, he arrives. Casey tells Britt that Garth wants to meet with him that evening at 11 at his apartment, while, unknown to Casey, Dan Scully stands in the doorway behind her. He claims he just wanted to talk to Britt and leaves.

Before meeting with Felix Garth, Britt decides that the Green Hornet should pay Sabrina Bradley a visit at the Daily Express office. While Green Hornet and Kato sneak, in a guard spots them and alerts his fellow guards. Before Green Hornet can get any information out of Sabrina, the guard interrupts. Subduing him, the pair must fight their way past the other guards to safety. After they leave, Sabrina steps over the fallen guards and leaves as well. Deciding it is too dangerous to stay on the streets, Green Hornet tells Kato to head for home so he can change for his appointment with Felix Garth.

Britt pulls up outside Felix Garth's apartment building, and while adjusting his rear-view mirror, appears to not see Sabrina Bradley exit that same building. Britt then goes up to Garth's apartment and gets no answer after knocking on the door. Cautiously, he opens it and makes his way inside, only to be attacked by the "Green Hornet", who promptly tries to shoot him. Britt twists the fakes' arm away before he pulls the trigger, but is kicked upside his head before the fake flees. Pulling himself up off the floor, Britt discovers Felix Garth slumped over in a nearby chair, dead. Picking up the phone, Britt calls Casey to find out if she told anyone about the meeting. She didn't, but tells him that Dan Scully might have overheard her as she relayed the message to Britt.

The next morning, Britt discusses the revelation that Dan Scully is the fake Green Hornet with D.A. Scanlon. Scanlon asks Britt if he thinks Melissa Neal or Sabrina Bradley is behind Scully's impersonation. Britt says the only way to find out is to force Scully into pretending to be the Green Hornet one last time.

Later, Britt meets with Sabrina at a club and tells her that he saw her leave Felix Garth's apartment building. She tells him that she was there to see if Garth knew anything about a car Simon Neal was having made for the Press Association costume party that was coming up. She tells Britt that Simon was having a limousine customized to look like the Green Hornet's car. Britt asks if anyone else knew about the car and Sabrina says Melissa. Britt tells Sabrina that he knows who is behind Simon Neal's murder and that she can help him catch that person.

Later still, Britt goes to Melissa Neal's house to tell her what he has learned, but she doesn't answer the door because Sabrina Bradley is holding her back at gunpoint. Britt drives off and stops several yards away to allow Casey to take his car and for him to become the Green Hornet. Driving along the highway, Casey draws out Dan Scully in the fake Black Beauty. When he spots the real thing behind him, he speeds away and engages in a rocket battle with the Green Hornet. Scully runs out of rockets before the Hornet does and drives his car off a cliff, resulting in a fiery crash.

Moments later, the Green Hornet returns to Melissa Neal's house, where Sabrina Bradley is still holding her at gunpoint. Upon entering the room where both women are, Green Hornet is mistaken for Dan Scully by Melissa just after she wrests the gun away from Sabrina. Realizing that the man next to her isn't Dan, Melissa asks where he is. The Green Hornet tells her that Scully is dead and she faints. He tells Sabrina that he took care of Dan Scully for his own reasons and leaves as police sirens close in on the house. Later, at the Mustang Club, Mike tells Casey and Britt that Melissa is confessing to everything. He also questions why Britt spends so much time and money at a place with such bad food and high prices, totally oblivious to the real reason.

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