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    [1]Aug 18, 2007
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    It was, as has been pointed out in some of the show reviews, a more serious program than the more popular Batman, with whom the characters sometimes integrated. The Green Hornet and his crime-fighting companion, Kato (played by the legendary Bruce Lee), were, unlike Batman and Robin, considered a menace to society. This actually helped them in their battle against crime, as it led the hoodlums and gangsters of the underworld to trust them, before the duo lowers the boom on them. Despised by society, their alter egos were more trusted, as the Green Hornet was really newspaper publisher and TV station owner Britt Reid who, according to the storyline of the radio version, was agreat-nephew of John Reid, AKA the Lone Ranger.

    I remember when FX used to air this in 1996, but other than that it hasn't been seen much since its cancellation in 1967. I'm hoping for a DVD release, perhaps one coupled with a release of Batman.

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    [2]Dec 1, 2007
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    Batman and then The Green Hornet are shown back to back Fridays from 9p-10p (est) on the ALN (American Life Network)

    I believe that last night they aired episode #9 of each program.

    And yes, I'm recording them on DVD . . .

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    [3]Mar 6, 2008
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    I just bought the Green Hornet "movie" which is a pastiche job that combines four spisodes into a rather choppy, inchoherent mess. It was released on dvd by a company called Brentwood in 2000. It apparently was patched together and sold to the unsuspecting Japanese audiences who were rabid for anything Bruce Lee shortly after his death in 1974. I was amused and interested during the first 23 minutes or so as they used "The Hunter and the Hunted" episode which is pretty good, but then they jag into the lame two part "Invasion from Outer Space" episodes which really is a mess and slowed things down. The third bit was from an episode whose title I forget, but it revolved around the "Tong Wars" of some Chinatownlike area of whatever burg the Hornet resided in. It seemed better than the space episode but by then I was drifting off to sleep. Its a decent dvd tho. I grabbed it for 5 bucks at an F.Y.E. store in Michigan.

    Yeah, too bad Batman and the Hornet are not out on dvd, perhaps they are waiting til everything goes Blu-Ray and we have to start our collections all over again...

    I also purchased the cd of the Green Hornet soundtrack from the series off of e-bay a few years back. It's o.k., if a bit repetative.

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    It's a shame that none of the TV networks can put these reruns on. This was an extremely popular show at the time, as most would agree. How many more times do I have to watch reruns of The Beverly Hillbillies instead??? Give me a break!

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    ScubaGuy777 wrote: "This was an extremely popular show at the time, as most would agree."

    Sorry, but no. The ratings were weak--it was up against the first half-hour of CBS' The Wild Wild West in its second season. The leads' major guest appearance on the same companies' Batman late in the season was an attempt to attract that show's larger audience. Van Williams and Bruce Lee were billed as "Visiting Hero" and "Visiting Assistant Hero" in place of the usual "Special Guest Villain." Williams admitted this to Will Murray in the same interview (Starlog magazine #135, October 1988,) in which he paradoxically claimed "We were winning our time slot." Had the latter been true, then the crossover should have gone the other way. In a special double issue dedicated to various Batman TV/film adaptations, Cinefantastique (Vol. 24, No. 6/Vol. 25, No. 1, February 1994)'s coverage of the 1960s Bat-series stated, "Ratings sagged second season" (that's put forth there as an entire sentence, so don't blame me), and therefore The Green Hornet's ratings were very low ("...often ranking in the bottom 20 of the Nielsen ratings," said this magazine about this series in its commentary on the crossover episodes). This is corroborated by ABC reducing Batman from two half-hour shows a week to one, that each episode was filmed in three days (that's still two shows a week) that third season, and that the network ran through those 26 episodes in that many weeks with no preemptions or reruns--including on the major, family get-together holiday Thanksgiving!--(all per that same issue) and no subsequent spring/summer reruns.

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