The Green Hornet

Season 1 Episode 2

Give 'Em Enough Rope

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Sep 16, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

Joe Sweek waits nervously outside a warehouse when he sees his buddy Charley approaching. Sweek attempts to hide, but Charley knows exactly where he is. Nervously, Sweek attempts to tell Charley that he wasn't going to sell him and the others out. Charley calmly leads Sweek into the warehouse, where a man in black swings down from above, ties a rope around Sweek's neck and breaks it. Searching Sweek's body, Charley finds a picture of a man walking normally and tells the man in black, his boss, that Sweek was planning to sell it to Mike Axford. The boss ominously states that he'll take care of Axford too.

Moments later, Axford arrives outside the warehouse, followed by the Black Beauty. Axford is searching for Sweek when the boss leaps onto him from a low rooftop and knocks him out. The Green Hornet and Kato give chase before the man can kill Axford and narrowly avoid becoming victims of his neck breaking rope stunt. Outside, the pair encounters a recovered Axford, who the Green Hornet sprays with Hornet Gas to knock him out once again. Stuffing Axford into his car, they leave the search for the man in black for later.

The next day, Britt compliments Axford on his article tying the Green Hornet into an insurance racket, but scolds him for leaving out the word "alleged" when describing Alex Colony, who may be faking an injury as part of the racket. For that, the Daily Sentinel faces a $1 million lawsuit. Later, the Green Hornet pays Colony a visit demanding half of the $1 million because his name appeared in the paper with Colony's.

The next day, Axford tells Britt about how Sweek worked at a custom car shop near the warehouse where he was supposed to meet Axford. Britt is intrigued, but tells Mike to drop it until the lawsuit is cleared up. Later, before a lunch date with Colony's lawyer, Claudia Bromley, Britt decides to stop at the custom shop and look around. Under one of the cars, he finds the plastic tip from a cane. As he and Claudia drive away, Charley arrives and informs the mechanic on duty of their identities. The mechanic tells Colony, who is in a secret room in the shop and he tells his boys to arrange an accident for his lawyer. Later, one of them kidnaps her at her apartment building.

That night, the Green Hornet pays another visit to Colony and confronts him with the plastic can tip, pointing out that one of Colony's is missing. Throwing papers from Colony's desk toward Colony, the Hornet tricks him into revealing that he is faking his injury. The Hornet tells Kato to let him go and they follow him back to his warehouse, where they take care of him and his gang, leaving them tied up for the police, and rescue Claudia.

The next night, Britt has dinner with Claudia at his house and listens to her gush about how handsome and polite the Green Hornet was. She hopes he never gets caught, but if he does, she'll represent him for free. Britt replies that he'll be happy to hear that.
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