The Green Hornet

Season 1 Episode 15

May the Best Man Lose

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Dec 23, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

Scanlon's running to get reelected. One night as he was leaving his campaign headquarters he gets into his car, one of his people tells him he has to go back and he offers to bring Scanlon's car around. He starts the car and it then blows up.

Later the Green Hornet and Kato have arranged a meeting with the ones who placed the bomb in Scanlon's car. When they meet the man who calls himself Starkey. But the Green Hornet insists on talking to the man in charge and throws Starkey out. Later Starkey goes to a phone booth and calls the tv station where the debate between Scanlon and his opponent, Ryland is going on. Miss Case answers and the man he wants to talk to is unavailable to she takes a message. After he hangs up The Green Hornet and Kato follow him. Later back the debate, the primary topic of discussion is the Green Hornet and while Scanlon manages to answer the questions satisfactorily. Later Mike asks Ryland if he has any response to the rumor that the bombing attempt on Scanlon may have been done by one of his supporters. Ryland was stunned by the question and Scanlon decides to answer it himself and says that Ryland is an honorable man. After the debate is over Ryland and his brother, Warren thank Scanlon for standing up for Ryland. Ryland is upset it seems that the man who was killed was a friend of his.

Later Starkey arrives at the hideout and the Green Hornet and Kato are right behind him. They blast through the door with the sting and take Starkey and his cohorts out and wait for the boss to arrive. The man arrives and sees the door has been damaged. When he goes in The Green Hornet discovers it's Warren Ryland. At first the talk about how dumb he was to try and take Scanlon out. Ryland said that if worked his brother would now be the D.A. but the Hornet tells him that his brother is an honest man who would turn him in. And it seems that the real reason Ryland tried to take Scanlon out was because he's involved in some kind of construction racket which Scanlon is investigating and apparently is close to nailing Ryland. That's when the Hornet offers to help him by committing some crimes that will make Scanlon look bad and take the focus away from his construction racket.

Back at Brit's house they tell Scanlon about Warren Ryland who can't believe it. And they also proceed to tell him that his brother doesn't know anything about it. They talk about this robbery that he is suppose to commit that's suppose to help Ryland but Brit suspects Warren is not going to play it straight. When Scanlon offers to intensify his investigation and maybe nail Ryland. Brit is worried that if he does that it will only help Ryland win. Scanlon then tells him that winning elections is not all he cares about. But Brit cares because without him, the Green Hornet won't survive.

Later at the bank where the robbery is suppose to take place, Ryland arrives with Starkey who gives an envelope that has a time bomb in it. Ryland asks to go into the vault and while the guard is away places the envelope in a drawer. Later the Green Hornet arrives and is then trapped. Later Ryland arrives with his brother to tell him that he will be known as the man who captured the Green Hornet. They go in and find him locked in the vault room. Warren tries to get his brother to leave because the bomb is about to explode. But that's when the Hornet asks Ryland why his brother is acting strangely. Ryland tries to leave but the door is locked that's when he panics. And the bomb doesn't go off. It seems the Hornet found the bomb and disarmed it. That's when he tells Ryland what his brother has been doing. Starkey who is outside wondering why the bomb hasn't gone off goes inside and the Hornet uses the sting to open the door and he and Kato take Starkey and his men out. Warren tries to escape but Ryland stops him. Ryland calls the police and the Hornet and Kato leave.

The next day on TV, Ryland withdraws from the race with Scanlon, Brit, Casey and Mike watching. After it's over Scanlon hopes the mayor can get him to remain at his old job. Mike then suggests that maybe Brit should run next time.
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