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  • It's Hard To Say But The Green Hornet Is One Of The Oldest Crime Fighter In History Radio Movie Serials Comic Books And Television And He Deserve Respect And Reconition!

    I am A Very Big Fan Of The Green Hornet Television Series And I Recently Recorded The Series On DVD When It Aired On The Encore Action Channel Two Years Ago I Can Say This About The Series It's A Cult Television Classic For It Time But It Should Be Brought Back To The Small Screen Or The Big Screen On An Extrem Level With High Tech Weapons And Stealth Technology To Battle Crime!...And The Green Hornet Get's A Thums Up !!
  • At a time when superheroes wore purple tights, walked on "walls" created by sideways-mounted cameras, and had plots that most 4th graders laughed at, "The Green Hornet" stood alone in attempting to bring realism to the masked vigilante

    This show was definitely ahead of it\'s time. There was no legitimate Martial Arts on TV (except for Ed Parker\'s periodic appearances as a bad guy on \"I Spy\") at this time. It may seem hard to believe, but America was ignorant of such things. Then came \"Kato\" (the late Bruce Lee), and set new standards for fight scenes on TV and in movies. Over the next few years, judo, karate, and gung fu (kung fu) were everywhere. From \"Wild, Wild West\", to \"The Avengers\", and, on the big screen, \"The Manchurian Candidate\" (the original one with Frank Sinatra),and \"You Only Live Twice\", suddenly Asian Martial Arts inundated the entertainment world. Usually misrepresented, the character of \"Kato\" was the first legitimate main-stream Martial Artist. All of this thanks to \"The Green Hornet\". Not to belittle the excellent work of Van Williams as The Green Hornet, who seriously approached the character at a time where all \"superheroes\" were done tongue-in-cheek. It\' a shame America wasn\'t ready in 1966. Bring the characters back now, update them, and sit back ... Maybe it\'s time ...
  • One of the very first serious crime fighting dramas out there, the Green Hornet starred Van Williams and Bruce Lee as two crimefighters who pretended to be gangsters in order to take apart the underworld's various unsavory characters truly worth watching.

    As a kid I used to enjoy watching a great many shows one of the non cartoon shows that really is a personal favorite of mine is the Green Hornet.

    Unlike the Batman tv show which was humor, the Green Hornet was more serious and thought provoking not only did they have great plots and real down to earth characters but it was more real then Batman was, as the Green Hornet fought criminals who were like everyone else regular people save they were all ruthless and cruel.

    Another reason the show rocked was because of the acting on the part of the actors, from Van Williams (Green Hornet/Britt Reid) to all the rest it was a real treat to watch as there was more meaningful dialogue.

    A third reason was Bruce Lee who portrayed Kato on the show not only was he a very good actor it was always a treat seeing him show off his skills in the martial arts.

    Forth there was the interesting and subtly implied romantic chemistry between Van Williams's and Wende Wagner's characters often I myself watched and wondered when if ever those two would kiss and start something.

    Alas all good things came to an end due to the people in charge of financing the show and their obvious stupidity in not saying 'yes' to giving more air time to the show so that we could see more then just 30 minutes.

    Still if anyone is interested the Green Hornet is one of the shows I give a top-ten to and hope everyone else will enjoy it just as much as I did.
  • Classic entertainment

    The prime reason why I watch this television show is because of Bruce Lee starring as Kato. The martial arts legend plays the main part in a television show for the first time, in the midst when a country is in racial tension. The man was amazing by bridging culture gaps between the east and west world. After watching Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, it told that Bruce Lee was required to wear a mask in this show to cover his eyes and the prop folks had to make certain that he did throughout filming.

    I find that disgusting how they could treat a human being like that, but I suppose we couldn't expect much from a television show in the 1960s especially. A bit like Batman and Robin, Bruce Lee and Brit Reid/The green hornet (Van Williams) get into a series of adventures. The show would be great to see remade today, and perhaps it would have been good to see Bruce Lee star in further seasons had the show lasted longer.

    Some of the episodes of the show coincide with Batman and Robin. Deffinetly recommended for action television show fans.
  • The Green hornet armed with a secret identity, a kung fu maestro chauffer and his trademark crimefighting car 'The black beauty' each episode embarked on adventures new and dangerous in the name of justice.

    The short-lived t.v series that it was never gained huge success unfortunately, the show ran for 26 half hour episodes featuring Van Williams as The Green Hornet and the late great Bruce Lee as his chauffer and partner in crime-fighting Kato. Often likened to the early series of Batman this crimefighting duo found themselves in all manner of situations each week but with more of a mature theme like terrorism and such as opposed to Batman's encounters with vibrantly coloured super villains. Unfortunately an unappreciation for the combo of an American/Oriental duo quashed the shows lifespan yet ironically launched Bruce Lee to the heights of stardom. One of the mainstays in the show was the custom built bad boy car they called 'The Black Beauty' fitted with an array of gadgets like front loaded missiles, the hornet scanner, rear firing rockets and smokescreen etc, the car was instrumental as it carried the duo to their destination in speed and safety, often getting involved in high pursuit chases and escapes. All in all the show was a sleeper hit in my opinion for the fact that you had action, gadgets, fights, laughs and excitement all crammed in to a 30 minute show, its just a crying shame that people didnt take to Bruce Lee sooner or we may have had many more episodes.
  • This show deserves to be recognized for more than giving us Bruce Lee (not that I'm not thankful for that).

    This show has been subject to an unfair lack of recognition. The only times I hear anything about it is when some discusses the career of the late, great Bruce Lee.

    I blame the executives at ABC at the time of the show's broadcast. When they approved the show for broadcast, they no doubt expected another light-hearted, camp heavy show, like Batman. What they got was something that was mature, well written, and is not looked upon with contempt or mocking laughter by fans of the original character.

    If they show had gone one for at least one more season, perhaps more, then it would have left a bigger impression on the minds of the viewing public. Instead, it became one of the many shows that lasted one season and gained a cult following that those who have never seen it are unable to understand (like the great Joss Whedon show Firefly).

    If you haven't seen any episodes, track some down and give it a shot. Your fears of Batman like neon-camp will be quickly laid to rest and you will likely find yourself wishing for more adventures of The Green Hornet and Kato.
  • A crime fighter and his side-kick (Bruce Lee) take on the bas guys.

    hA crime fighter and his side-kick (Bruce Lee) take on the bas guys. This show really made Bruce Lee a star. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you.
  • No one would ever applaud the Green Hornet, unless they knew the truth, and that would defeat the purpose. An edgier cousin to the supreme camp and serial movie antics of the Caped Crusaders, it also had good acting, plenty of style--and Bruce Lee!

    It's tempting to say at first that the chauffeur/sidekick is cooler than the hero, and he is, but Van Williams' Britt Reid not only behaves more like a vigilante would have to, but more like a millionaire would as well. I'm not going to slam Batman--I have too many childhood memories, and Adam West is a good actor. But rewatching these too-few eps when they come on is a real treat. Bruce Lee kicks butt, because that is what Bruce Lee does. But also, Reid doesn't have them walking into traps without a few of his own on hand. If a new show post-movie wants a basic model for how to run it, allowing for modern touches, then they should look here. I only wish some version of the Hornet could reference his avuncular ancestor - John Reid, The Lone Ranger. But licensing never works that way. A pity.
  • Should be viewed as a classic.

    Brought to us by the same team that gave us "Batman," here was a show that went above and beyond a Batman knock-off.

    Similar to Batman (The Dark Knight, not the campy version played by Adam West) and Spider-Man in some ways, The Green Hornet was definitely a hero in his city, but almost no one saw him as such. A crime fighter who preferred to be viewed as a criminal, he used this position to gain credibility with real criminals. Often infiltrating gangs and becoming an associate, he would of course turn on them, striking quickly and leaving just as fast, making it look as if the soon-arriving police were responsible for the bust, thus letting Hornet remain a "criminal" to infiltrate even more rackets. No one really knew what side he was on, and so many took a chance in letting him in. Along the way, he is aided by his servant/bodyguard Kato (played by Bruce Lee), the district attorney, and his secretary at The Daily Sentinal, the newspaper he owns. These are the only ones who know that Britt Reed is really The Green Hornet, a great hero.

    As opposed to the series Batman, this one was very dark. The plotlines involved murder and other things that would never have been addressed on Batman. The action was much more realistic and violent, the scenes were dark (often taking place at night), and the acting was more intense. There were definitely some light and even goofy moments, but by and large, this was a very serious show.

    There is, however, one outstanding similarity between the shows Batman and The Green Hornet; they both had great cars! Batman, of course, had the Batmobile, and Hornet had Black Beauty, a true rolling arsenal (in real life too; because of limitations in special effects, the car had real missile launchers in both bumpers!).

    In conclusion, those expecting just another Batman-like show were no doubt disappointed, but those who stuck with it knew it was special. It's a shame that it's not more appreciated now, as it really was a well-written, exciting show.

    P.S. I almost forgot to mention the great theme song; "Flight of the Bumblebee" as played by Al Hirt on trumpet. Many have heard it despite never having seen the show!
  • you can call this one batman 2. except he didn't have robin and he didnt fight the same villains for three years. it lasted one year and out of it came bruce lee. they did have a run in with batman but that was on his show not this one.

    a classic episode of the green hornet landed on batman. they should have continued it on this one but they didn't the villains didnt stick out and it wasnt quite campy at best. it lasted one year and wasn't renewed. but bruce lee still kicked butt and no named taken.
  • Not a must see...

    Just because the main characters (Notice the plural) are wearing masks doesn't mean that the program is camp. This is the show that introduced the martial arts legend Bruce Lee to the world, and he probably was the first actor that made people think "Gee I didn't know human beings can move like that". I mean seeing Lee for the first time had that much shock value to the audience, and the attraction of the show had much to do with what's Lee going to do this week ? But I'd like to point out the superb acting that was done by Van Williams too. He looked so good as the main character, and he had a chameleon like method acting capability that made his acting fit the scene's mood perfectly every time. If he was British, I wouldn't be surprised if he was recruited to play James Bond after Sean Connery. Keeping in mind that this was a 30 minute show made in the '60s, this series still scores high in its production value. I would say that it's right up there with other '60s popular action show such as Mission Impossible. The only regret is that this show didn't last longer than a season. Audiences wanted more but for some odd reason, it was canned. They should have made at least two more seasons followed by a movie. I would say that it was a monumental blunder on the network's part to not see what a dynamite show they had in hand. Bruce Lee and Van Williams' talent should have been exploited to its max with this show and who knows what other shows they might have stared in.