The Green Hornet

ABC (ended 1967)





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  • One of the very first serious crime fighting dramas out there, the Green Hornet starred Van Williams and Bruce Lee as two crimefighters who pretended to be gangsters in order to take apart the underworld's various unsavory characters truly worth watching.

    As a kid I used to enjoy watching a great many shows one of the non cartoon shows that really is a personal favorite of mine is the Green Hornet.

    Unlike the Batman tv show which was humor, the Green Hornet was more serious and thought provoking not only did they have great plots and real down to earth characters but it was more real then Batman was, as the Green Hornet fought criminals who were like everyone else regular people save they were all ruthless and cruel.

    Another reason the show rocked was because of the acting on the part of the actors, from Van Williams (Green Hornet/Britt Reid) to all the rest it was a real treat to watch as there was more meaningful dialogue.

    A third reason was Bruce Lee who portrayed Kato on the show not only was he a very good actor it was always a treat seeing him show off his skills in the martial arts.

    Forth there was the interesting and subtly implied romantic chemistry between Van Williams's and Wende Wagner's characters often I myself watched and wondered when if ever those two would kiss and start something.

    Alas all good things came to an end due to the people in charge of financing the show and their obvious stupidity in not saying 'yes' to giving more air time to the show so that we could see more then just 30 minutes.

    Still if anyone is interested the Green Hornet is one of the shows I give a top-ten to and hope everyone else will enjoy it just as much as I did.