The Green Hornet

ABC (ended 1967)





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  • At a time when superheroes wore purple tights, walked on "walls" created by sideways-mounted cameras, and had plots that most 4th graders laughed at, "The Green Hornet" stood alone in attempting to bring realism to the masked vigilante

    This show was definitely ahead of it\'s time. There was no legitimate Martial Arts on TV (except for Ed Parker\'s periodic appearances as a bad guy on \"I Spy\") at this time. It may seem hard to believe, but America was ignorant of such things. Then came \"Kato\" (the late Bruce Lee), and set new standards for fight scenes on TV and in movies. Over the next few years, judo, karate, and gung fu (kung fu) were everywhere. From \"Wild, Wild West\", to \"The Avengers\", and, on the big screen, \"The Manchurian Candidate\" (the original one with Frank Sinatra),and \"You Only Live Twice\", suddenly Asian Martial Arts inundated the entertainment world. Usually misrepresented, the character of \"Kato\" was the first legitimate main-stream Martial Artist. All of this thanks to \"The Green Hornet\". Not to belittle the excellent work of Van Williams as The Green Hornet, who seriously approached the character at a time where all \"superheroes\" were done tongue-in-cheek. It\' a shame America wasn\'t ready in 1966. Bring the characters back now, update them, and sit back ... Maybe it\'s time ...
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