The Green Hornet

ABC (ended 1967)





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  • The Green hornet armed with a secret identity, a kung fu maestro chauffer and his trademark crimefighting car 'The black beauty' each episode embarked on adventures new and dangerous in the name of justice.

    The short-lived t.v series that it was never gained huge success unfortunately, the show ran for 26 half hour episodes featuring Van Williams as The Green Hornet and the late great Bruce Lee as his chauffer and partner in crime-fighting Kato. Often likened to the early series of Batman this crimefighting duo found themselves in all manner of situations each week but with more of a mature theme like terrorism and such as opposed to Batman's encounters with vibrantly coloured super villains. Unfortunately an unappreciation for the combo of an American/Oriental duo quashed the shows lifespan yet ironically launched Bruce Lee to the heights of stardom. One of the mainstays in the show was the custom built bad boy car they called 'The Black Beauty' fitted with an array of gadgets like front loaded missiles, the hornet scanner, rear firing rockets and smokescreen etc, the car was instrumental as it carried the duo to their destination in speed and safety, often getting involved in high pursuit chases and escapes. All in all the show was a sleeper hit in my opinion for the fact that you had action, gadgets, fights, laughs and excitement all crammed in to a 30 minute show, its just a crying shame that people didnt take to Bruce Lee sooner or we may have had many more episodes.