The Green Hornet

ABC (ended 1967)





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  • No one would ever applaud the Green Hornet, unless they knew the truth, and that would defeat the purpose. An edgier cousin to the supreme camp and serial movie antics of the Caped Crusaders, it also had good acting, plenty of style--and Bruce Lee!

    It's tempting to say at first that the chauffeur/sidekick is cooler than the hero, and he is, but Van Williams' Britt Reid not only behaves more like a vigilante would have to, but more like a millionaire would as well. I'm not going to slam Batman--I have too many childhood memories, and Adam West is a good actor. But rewatching these too-few eps when they come on is a real treat. Bruce Lee kicks butt, because that is what Bruce Lee does. But also, Reid doesn't have them walking into traps without a few of his own on hand. If a new show post-movie wants a basic model for how to run it, allowing for modern touches, then they should look here. I only wish some version of the Hornet could reference his avuncular ancestor - John Reid, The Lone Ranger. But licensing never works that way. A pity.