The Green Hornet

ABC (ended 1967)





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  • Classic entertainment

    The prime reason why I watch this television show is because of Bruce Lee starring as Kato. The martial arts legend plays the main part in a television show for the first time, in the midst when a country is in racial tension. The man was amazing by bridging culture gaps between the east and west world. After watching Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, it told that Bruce Lee was required to wear a mask in this show to cover his eyes and the prop folks had to make certain that he did throughout filming.

    I find that disgusting how they could treat a human being like that, but I suppose we couldn't expect much from a television show in the 1960s especially. A bit like Batman and Robin, Bruce Lee and Brit Reid/The green hornet (Van Williams) get into a series of adventures. The show would be great to see remade today, and perhaps it would have been good to see Bruce Lee star in further seasons had the show lasted longer.

    Some of the episodes of the show coincide with Batman and Robin. Deffinetly recommended for action television show fans.