The Green Hornet

Season 1 Episode 13

The Secret of the Sally Bell

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Dec 09, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Green Hornet and Kato are following a guy who is trying to get on board a freighter, the Sally Bell. He runs away when he sees them and falls and is unconscious. They take him to the hospital. Later when Scanlon hears of this he goes to see them at Brit's. When he gets there, Brit tells him that a source of his from the Far East told him of 2 million dollars in narcotics being brought over in the Sally Bell. Scanlon asks him why he didn't tell him he would have sent the police. But Brit tells him that the ship didn't make it cause it was caught in bad weather. And was only now brought in. The man whom he brought to the hospital, Gus Wander is the only one who knows where it is. That's when Scanlon orders that Wander be placed under tight security. Later when news of Wander hits the news the man whom he is working for orders his men to bring him. Scanlon's calls the hospital to check on Wander and as he is talking to the guard, he is knocked out by the man who's getting Wander. The doctor treating goes with him to make sure he is ok. When Scanlon hears this he calls the police but Brit asks him who could handle a 2 million dollar deal like this. And that's when Scanlon says Bert Selden. Brit says let him go after Selden so maybe they can get Selden. Later Selden's, he orders the doctor to wake him but she tells him that's not possible. That's when the Green Hornet calls Selden on the intercom and asks him to come up. When the elevator arrives Selden and his men shoot at it. Only after shooting the Hornet and Kato show up having climbed up the fire escape.

When he asks the doctor how Wander is, and she tells him not good. He suggests to Selden that they bring Wander to the ship and maybe the doctor can wake him up long enough for him to reveal where it is. The doctor goes with the Hornet while Wander is with Selden. On the way Selden calls someone on his mobile phone. When the get to the ship, they try to bring Selden out of it but he keeps slipping in and out. Eventually he wakes up long enough to tell them where it is. While Selden goes to get it, the Hornet signals Scanlon to come. When Scanlon receives the signal, he orders the police to move in, in 5 minutes which is how long they have to leave. They try to leave but the man Selden called up arrives and starts shooting at them. The Hornet uses the remote control device for the Black Beauty and fires the rockets at the shooter. Selden and his men arrive and try to take them out but the Hornet and Kato manage to take care of them. They leave the doctor to the police.
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