The Green Hornet

ABC (ended 1967)





  • Season 1 Episode 23: Alias The Scarf

  • Green Hornet & Kato leap to attack Rancourt from the spot where their wax figures are positioned. But when Rancourt went into and came back out of the figure workshop, you could clearly see that the figures had been posed there until the leap.

  • Season 1 Episode 24: Hornet Save Thyself

  • When the gun is handed to Scandlan he accepts it but as a DA does not think to disarm the gun himself nor does anyone at any point seem to notice that a gun that was just fired has no clip in it.

  • When Britt Reid walks into the warehouse near the loading dock, a sign above the door says: "No job to (sic) large". It should be "too", not "to".

  • Britt's birthday party is the only place in the entire series where all five regular cast members are seen together in a scene.

  • This is the only episode where you see the apartment entrance to the Black Beauty garage, as Britt flees from the police in his home.

  • How did the elevator behind the fireplace work after Britt shorted out the electricity to the house with the screwdriver?

  • Season 1 Episode 25: Invasion from Outer Space...

  • Didn't anyone notice that Britt's valet threw a "Green Hornet" weapon (the hornet-shaped dart) at the invaders?

  • How did "aliens" know so much about Britt Reid's house (including the fact that he had a camera link to DSTV in his house)?

  • Hornet tells Kato to stay with Black Beauty and goes to confront Casey's pursuers. Fortunately, Kato disobeys Hornet and follows him anyway.

  • Season 1 Episode 26: Invasion from Outer Space...

  • When the heroes are briefly captives of the villains, Dr. Mabouse turns from the Hornet to his driver/bodyguard/enforcer and says, "And this can only be Kato." A few minutes (running time) later, as the now freed masked men race in Black Beauty to catch up with Mabouse's truck, the Hornet addresses his assistant as Kato with a captured Mabouse henchman sitting right next to him. This is the only episode of the series (although it also happens during the Batman crossover) in which the error of applying the name Kato publicly to the costumed identity ("the Hornet's man" as he was anonymously referenced, usually) rather than have it restricted to the civilian one (Reid's valet), is made. The distinction was also consistently held to on the original radio series and the two Saturday matinee serials. The slip here is probably the result of the writer and the director, as well as the man who got the "Produced by..." credit, of this two-parter having not otherwise worked on the program and not knowing any better, with the regular cast not really caring.

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