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Premiered Sep 12, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • I finally found a talk show that wasn't trash!! My husband & I really enjoyed Greg's show because it was real. Now I turn on the tv and NO GREG--OMG!!! I searched & discovered he was cancelled. How can that be?? His show was great, please bring him back.

    Greg- You are awesome, a great host. Your show was great. We miss you! I guess you weren't exploiting your guests enough to impress the idiots that keep Jerry Springer alive and well. Greg sorry you were cancelled, I pray another channel picks you up so we can enjoy a real talk show that helps people.There are still people that enjoy good clean tv. Not everyone likes "who's my daddy" or "I slept with your mother,brother and sister." or "Surprise I'm really a woman/man" All trash/sick. I really enjoyed your show,Beacause It was nothing like that kind of trash. Good luck to you & family in your future. Please bring Greg back!
    PS this is my first review,Hope I did it right. If not I still got to type my mind.
  • I read the book He's not all that into you befor I knew that there would a talk show. That book really change my way of thinking when it came to men and how they view me.

    I read the book He's not all that into you befor I knew that there would a talk show. That book really change my way of thinking when it came to men and how they view me. When I heard that there would be a talk show I knew that I had to watch it and it is a daily thing for me. At first I thought it would just be about relationship but it is about so much more. Greg I say to you keep on doing what it is that you do I know there are mad men.
  • Greg Behrendt continues to rock

    I love watching this show everyday I learned so much about relationships and so much more Greg really helps people stay together or find something new he really deserved to have his own show he proves it everyday and he has a beautiful wife I hope that I find someone like Greg one day
  • It's great seeing a guy talk show host

    I had never even heard of this show before, or seen Greg Behrendt but I was bored one day looking for somthing to watch and came across his show. It's just great. It's not often at all, that you see a guy hosting a talk show and honestly you would think it wouldnt be much different then a woman hosting but it is. This show is very creative with alot of different things they do and take time to talk about subjects that most talk shows wont touch. Like the single father episode. It was very informitive and I'm sure helped out alot of single fathers.
  • While watching the show today, December 28th, 2006 where the couple was more like roommates: I noticed the lump on the wife\'s neck, possible Thyroid goiter, perhaps that is why she is out of sorts. Could you get her checked out? Concerned, katydid41

    I like the show. Greg is a man\'s man, as he relates well to both sexes. He can put people at ease or make them step up to the plate. Greg does not fit any other talk show host mold-he is his own person. He is up front with his own emotional tangibles to the topic. I believe he truly wants to help people have better lives. I hope he continues his success and God blesses him in this endeavor. Keep the show fresh, people to enjoy the gifts and the interest he shows in helping them in their time of crisis.
  • I'm really liking this guy, he's quite refreshing

    And, no, I'm not enamored with his spiky blonde hair or me/she style of dress. He's a cool guy (as far as I can tell) and he seems determined to put on a cool show - without all the new aged psycho babble that most talk shows have been employing. The production on this show is also cool, because they edit the transitions in a way that allows you to view the host from different angles at once. It's not outstanding, but it's pretty cool. This show is perfect for sick days in, lazy days off, and all those people who don't like having their intelligence insulted by pandering. Also, FYI-Greg speaks in rapidfire and the segments are kinda clipped- so its perfect for those with ADD/ADHD!