The Greg Behrendt Show

Season 1 Episode 38

The Mother of All Dating Shows

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 2006 on

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  • Man, this show was so great for me because as soon as I turned it on something told me to STOP and watch it. I went with my insticts and Ms. Marlene Ballard was on there and her sons were hooking her up. That was sweet and considerate, I give it a 10.

    Man ALL of Marlene's sons were nonetheless beautiful. Me and my friend would really enjoy it if we could get to know Brian and Nick. Not that the other one's we not cute, because that would be an understatement, but we were just anazed at the sight of them and how passionate they were about their mothers happiness. We have weitten all types of thisngs to the Greg Behrendt show, so that we could meet them. As of yet we have not gotten a reply from them, but we are not giving up hope just yet. The show gets a complete 10...actually a 20!
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