The Gregory Hines Show

Season 1 Episode 17

Get Smarter

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Get Smarter
Matty joins a study group, and begs Ben for some money to attend a lecture. When Ben presses him for more info, Matty confesses that it's a mostly-girls study group, and one of those girls just so happens to be Christy Putnam, a girl he's had his eye on for a long time. To help him score points with the smart crowd, Ben recommends that he invite the whole group over to the apartment to study. After "smartening" the place up, the kids -- Christy, Amber and Harrison, the token Asian -- arrive. But when his buddies actually study, Matty finds himself way out of his brain league. Meanwhile, Alex deals with his own romantic troubles in the wake of his girlfriend, Courtney, dumping him. Since he won't stop moping around, Ben, Carl and Nicole all decide to cheer him up and help him forget about her by inviting him to watch a PPV boxing match with them at Ben's place. During the game, Alex won't stop talking about the one that got away, so it's a big relief to the others when he up and leaves early. Thinking he might be going to Courtney's house, Ben calls her up to warn her, only to learn that she dumped Alex because she's getting married. Matty is mortified when he gets the lowest grade in his study group's history test -- a "B" -- and fears that Christy thinks he's a dumb jock. Now Ben has to juggle two crises: breaking things to Alex, and convincing Matty that he's smart. Matty surprises Ben by skipping out on a hockey game, because he's hell-bent on cramming for his next test. Ben helps him remember historical dates by making up a Def Jam History Rap for him, and he gets an "A" this time around. But the news is bittersweet; as it turns out, Christy loves dumb jocks, and hooked up with one of Matty's teammates while he was at home studying. Matty realizes he needs to be himself in the future, and Alex gets over Courtney by picking up some chick from Ben's building.moreless

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      • Opening credits: Gregory Hines wears a light purple, silk button-down shirt. The show logo falls down from the ceiling, scaring him.

      • Carl mentions Urkel in one scene. Urkel of Family Matters, part of the Friday Night Block Party. Perhaps this was to atone for CBS' stupid gimmick of September 26, 1997, when hosts/Step by Step stars Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers told viewers to "watch for Urkel" in all of the CBS sitcoms that night to see where he'd be making crossover appearances. (Thankfully, Gregory Hines was the only one not produced by the nefarious Miller/Boyett/Warren trifecta, so we were spared.)

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