The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 1 Episode 6

A Dumb Wish

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 19, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • good

    while spring cleaning billy finds a lamp that can grant wishes. what will people wish for? mandy decides that the last wish will go to whoever can make her the happiest, but when everyone fights, mandy wishes that every single person in the universe would go away. this literally makes everyone leave.

    good episode, the ending scared me when i was younger, it just seemed dark. but the overall episode was good, a little boring every now and then but it was still decent i guess, not the best episode, not the worst, it gets a "B" from me. Good
  • Billy, Mandy, and Grim accidentally summon Grim's mother...who grants them wishes I think. I don't really remember.

    Nothing too spectacular here. Grim's mom isn't the most likable character, and her voice is kind of annoying. This was her first episode, though she would appear at least one more time in flashbacks.

    Mandy is a little out of character: she screams, which is unusual (it actually freezes time), then she initially appears remorseful for doing so, before smiling of course. It's actually more of an evil grin, which I kind of miss seeing from her in the newer episodes. I know she isn't supposed to smile, but those occasional smirks served her evil persona just fine I think.

    Not a hilarious episode (though Billy trying to suck up to her for the last wish was kinda funny), but worth a look.
  • Boring

    Yes, as the title says, boring. Dumb Wish, was a pretty dumb episodes. One of the most horrible episodes for the series. I mean, it just didn't catch my attention. The storyline was off. The ending... was pretty okay, but, it was still so boring. Here we go again, on another boring boring episode.
  • Not a very exciting episode.

    Not a very exciting episode. It had its moments, like Billy's writing in the snow, and the fact that it introduced Grim's grandmother, but it was, overall, just not very good.

    The genie idea is really good, but they messed it up in this case. A show this good shouldn't have episodes like this.