The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 6 Episode 7

A Grim Day / Pandora's Lunch Box

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 22, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • This episode was actually pretty good.

    Well in the first part Billy and Mandy are busy, so Grim goes Pud'n and Mindy. It was really funny when Pud'n beat up Skarr I was laughing so frickin hard. But no one could replace Billy and Mandy, even if they did an ok job. In the next part a girl named Pandora comes along with an evil lunch box and tricks Mandy into opening it, so she and her could take over the world. So basically she is using Mandy(coughshe'sgettingkilledcough). So anyway Mandy locks Pandora in the lunch box and ends the episode saying that when she takes over the world, she will do it on her own. Mandy is cool. Anyway very above average episode, as the seasons go up, I am starting to really like these new episodes! That's my review.
  • I do not like this episode too much.

    This episode wasn't that good, it kind of stupid to make fun of Dora the explorer. It is my 4th least favorite episode, they went too far with Mandy flying on top of Billy and then her awkward landing on the ground, like, like a superhero or something, I mean come on. Though I know nothing about Pandora's Box, it was an okay episode to watch. If you have a child who likes Dora the explorer, don't let them watch this episode. It could affend them. If they hate Dora, let them see it. They'll say " That IS how I think Dora is like."
  • A Great Episode on Many Levels

    I really enjoyed the Pandora's Lunchbox episode not only because it cleverly pokes fun at Dora the Explorer (intentionally? unintentionally?) but also it shows a side of Mandy that really hasn't been explored before. Why is she only friends with Billy? Perhaps he is too dumb to betray Mandy like Dora did. It also showed that when it came down to it, Mandy can handle the situation all on her own. What's with the ominous line at the end? I liked the darker tone to this episode since that was one of the reasons I began watching this series from the beginning (and for some reason that aspect of the show has been missing for a while!).
  • Two good and funny episodes

    These episodes were really good, I thought they would be like blah, but they turned out to be the opposite of blah, excellent.

    A Grim Day:
    Grim gets a day off, but Skarr gets hold of his scythe. Skarr uses the scythe to make his lawn gnomes huge, and maybe even torture some bunnies. But when it becomes The Grim Adventures of Pud'n and Mindy, they have the chance to beat Skarr up.

    Pandora's Lunch Box:
    A new student, Dora comes to Endsville. But it turns out that Dora the Explorer, or aka Pandora was just looking for someone to open her lunchbox for some terror to happen. Find out what happens when Mandy opens Pandora's lunchbox.
  • THis episode was cool in pandora my favorite part was when mandy and billy were all who writes this stuff and show the baby and the type writer. In A Grim Day Skar got grim's scythe and brings his gnomes to life and he gets mindyand pud'n to help him.

    THIS episode was cool in Pandora a new student comes and her name is DOra and her and mandy become friends. Dora then tricks mandy into opening her luch box and then after allthe choas that happens mandy tricks dora and all is well. THis was good but I think I liked A Grim Day better. Mandy and Billy are busy so Grim has nothing to do and goes to Skar's house. Skar takes grims sycthe away and brings his gnomes to life. Since billy and mandy are busy he goes and gets mindy and pud'n to help him HAHAHA!
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