The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 3 Episode 13

Attack of the Clowns / Complete and Utter Chaos

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 22, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Attack of the clowns is the best episode ever!

    Billy has a dream where hes playing fetch with his dog (grim) and a load of clowns drop down, terrifying billy and making him wet his bed. Also, billys dad is terrified of santa claus. Billy buys a load of oranges (he calls them tangelos) and keep shoutin "Clowns will destroy us all! destroy us all!" and then grim and mandy decide to do something about it. they try to make a clown head become alive but instead dress up as clowns making billy jump out of windows screaming. grim and mandy follow billy to a beauty parlour, where billy has an epiphany and doesn't fear clowns anymore, but wants to kill them all instead. Billy *holding grims scythe* chases mandy and grim down the street. mandy and grim take off their clown costumes and put them on irwin, who billy supposedly kills. Billy, mandy and grim all return home where they're eaten by the clown head they made come alive *along with milkshakes* and decide they're not afraid of clowns, but hate them all.
  • This is the best episode ever!!!!!

    this is my favorite episode of 'Billy and Mandy'. It has original quotes and running gags. Like billy runnuning around all psychotic and getting revenge on all clowns! Clowns are pretty scary...they laugh at you and have only one emotion! Ahhhhhh....they are nothing but ultimate evil. They want to be the dominant species on the planet and they'll destroy us all to make it happen! And in the end clowns still win! What madness is this? Anyways, this episode is awesome, clowns are evil, and i am writing a review...whatever...
    I also think this episode portrays the characters a lot. Billy being stupid and psycho. Mandy being...uh...Mandy-like. And Grim being supernatural and grim reaper-ish.
    so the point is...this episode is awesome and i love it!
  • what's to summarize? if you haven't seen this episode SEARCH FOR IT! trust me you will love and laugh until you bust a gut and spleen, so i hope you have medical insurance LOL

    i haven\'t laughed so hard for a minute yo! even when i was done and the credits were rolling and billy was still saying \"destroy us all\" i started up again, yo, it felt like i had done 1000 stomach crunches under 1 minute...can you imagine the BURN?!! that\'s why i watch cartoons like this, the classic looney tunes and tom and jerry. they keep you in stitches and you can actually learn a fact or two while sharing time with your kids while going back to your own inner-child. i just wish i can find this episode on DVD
  • Destroy us all

    Destroy us all! Destroy us all! Destroy us all! The clowns will destroy us all! Man, Attack of Clowns just bombed the episode, in a good way. It was great! And Harold with that dream about Santa Claus... just funny and great, and maybe stupid, but still, two great episodes.
  • This is the best episode of Billy and mandy!

    This episode is very funny and great. In Attack of the clowns I like the part when Billy wake up after he dreamed about the clowns and he said(I don't really understand it)"Hollie bunnies". I like also the part when the clown that Grim made alive and ate them and also Billy's cat Milkshake. My favorite part is when Billy saying DESTROY US ALL! many times. In Complete and Utter Chaos I like the part when they were talking about the chaos and playing with it. This two episodes of Billy and Mandy are great and the best!
  • Destroy us all!(20 times or more). Two great and funny episodes!

    In Attack of the clowns, I like the part when Billy was dreaming abot the clowns and when he was saying DESTROY US ALL! again and again and again. So Mandy and Grim dressed up like a clown to make Billy smile but they make things only worse. But it is ok. In Complete and Utter Chaos. I like the part when they were fighting over the apple of discourt and I like also the part when Billy said "That's not and apple it's.....magic banana". But it was an apple. This two episode are great and very funny!
  • This episode was great! Except for killing poor Irwin.

    "Attack of the clowns" was aa good episode in my opinion because it showed us that Billy didn't conquer his fear, as not to be so cliche, but instead kill clowns. I laughed hard when he started saying "DESTROY US ALL!" even in the credits. The episode was quite funny, it just was a shame poor Irwin got killed. But oh well, its for comedy's sake. I also was impressed Mandy denied her fear of professional fingerskaters. The frat boy scene was alright but he seemed a bit rebellious. And I think clowns aren't to be made fun off. At least this one isnt as bad as the Teen Titans episode 'Revolution" which I found to be quite atrocious as they made fun of Brits.

    "Complete and Udder Chaos" was quite good also. I liked Eris's humming of the episode music. I found the burrito very funny and interesting. I liked the way all threee of them got mixed up with the apple. But, maybe this one was cruel to Grim. In the end, I was happy that the 3 of them deserved what they got (except Grim).

    So I would recommend fans to watch this episode if they want to get their laugh on, especially at the credits!
  • Clowns are nothing but ultimate evil! They wanna be the dominant species on the planet, and they'll destroy us all to make it happen! DESTROY US ALL!

    Attack of the Clowns - Without a doubt, one of the most brilliant offerings this show has yet to offer. The episode starts out in Billy's fantasy, where he's a slobbering dog chasing frisbees, with everyone shouting "Let's be friends!" Soon, however, and army of robotic clowns swoops down from the sky, frightening the living shit out of poor Billy. Thus, we learn of Billy's fear of clowns. This leads to what is possibly the greatest sequence of events in the entire series, featuring Billy trying to protect himself from clowns by arming himself with tangelos, followed by a whole minute of Billy screaming "DESTROY US ALL!" everywhere he goes. To cure Billy of his "annoying fear of clowns", Mandy and Grim don clown costumes after a failed attempt at creating an artificial clown (who Grim blames on underworld accounting). This gives Billy the sudden urge to jump through his windows every time he sees them. As Grim says, "pretty soon he's gonna run out of windows". Wrong. In enters the next brilliant sequence with Billy running to each window, realizing he's already shattered them. Thus, Billy runs out of the house screaming, barges into the house next door, and breaks through that window. Billy is eventually driven to insanity at the point where he takes counsel from his "Inner Frat Boy". When Billy's fear is finally eliminated (by beating a clown-clothed Irwin to a bloody pulp), the artificial clown comes to life and devours everyone. By the end, everyone hates clowns as the artificial clown runs around terrorizing people, while the people in the underworld accounting laugh their asses off. In one short word - Brilliance.

    Complete and Udder Chaos - After the sheer brilliance of the first episode, I hoinestly didn't care for this one much. First things first - the talking burrito is the most stupidly genius idea ever. Now, "Over-exposure" is an event where a novel character is worn down by excessive cameos. This episode is the beginning of Eris's over-exposure. Nonethless, this episode is the pure definition of "random". But it's not a funny random like "Guess What's Coming to Dinner?" The pacing is also off, considering how much of the episode takes place in a flashback, yet it's difficult to tell the difference between past and present. Yet it's hard for me to allow a fairly mediocre episode like this to drag down the score of the pure ownage of "Attack of the Clowns".
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