The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 1 Episode 12

Big Trouble in Billy's Basement / Tickle Me Mandy

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 11, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Big Trouble in Billy's Basement / Tickle Me Mandy
Big Trouble in Billy's Basement: Billy steals Grims Bad book and turns evil. Then Grim and Mandy call Hoss Delgado to help get Billy back to normal. Tickle Me Mandy: Mandy is going away for the day, and Billy is lonely. So Grim makes a fake Mandy for him to play with. Billy gets annoyed by the fake Mandy. Then the next day Mandy comes back and destroys the fake Mandy.moreless

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  • great

    big trouble in billy's basement- billy turns evil after reading a book from grim he was not supposed to. mandy and grim call in hoss delgado to save billy, but is it too late for their old friendD?

    tickle me mandy- billy is upset that mandy is away for a day so he gets grim to make him a toy mandy. what will happen when the real mandy meets the toy mandy?

    good episodes, but tickle me mandy scares the crap out of me every time i see it, especially the ending ,and so my grade is a "b" or somoreless
  • Mandy is so bitter, sarcastic, and dark that she is one of the best character creations in a long time. And "Tickle Me Mandy" is just too funny.

    There are three very amusing parts to the "Tickle Me Mandy" episode. It starts off with Mandy leaving with her parents and Billy begging her not to leave. Mandy slaps Billy with the most unemotive and disgusted look on her face that you cannot watch it without laughing. Even so, Billy misses Mandy, so he nags Grim to help him. Grim makes "Tickle Me Mandy" - the creepy squeaky doll made from parts of Billy's other toys. The Squeaky wheels that she has for legs are very amusing and add to the creepiness of the episode. When Billy is tucked in at bedtime and Fake Mandy growls at him and blows him a kiss - you just know its time for nightmares! In the nightmare, Fake Mandy skitters across the kitchen in the dark and opens a drawer and pulls out a ........ SPATULA! Hysterical! Morning comes and Grim, in a sweet and gentle tone, tells Billy that Fake Mandy is outside waiting for him - innocently playing on a seesaw. Mandy arrives home and she's the type that could never be surprised by anything. But her line when she destroys the doll is priceless.... "By the way...... I'm Mandy."moreless
  • One episode is as funny as hell, the other is as scary as Hell ! Awesome !

    These two episodes are two of my favorite episodes of "Billy and Mandy". It's a damn shame they do not show these ones much. OK, in the first one, "Big Trouble in Billy's Basement", Billy tries to read Grim's book. But Grim doesn't want Billy to do it becaus it is full of evil. Billy reads it anyway, thus, turning him evil and turns his house into an evil castle of supernatural terror. It's up to Hoss Delgado, Grim, and Mandy to save the day and bring Billy back to normal ! Now in "Tickle Me Mandy", Billy is unhappy that Mandy is going away for the day. So he asks Grim to make him a new Mandy to play with. Grim does so but the "new" Mandy is quite scary. At night, Billy has a terrible nightmare about the evil Mandy trying to kill him. Then he wakes up to find the new Mandy waiting outside to play. But then, the real mandy shows up and destroys it. Afterward, Grim, Mandy and Billy bury it in a shoebox. But... is it really destroyed ? Watch the end of the episode... A damn fine episode if I do say so myself ! I wish they would show it more often !moreless
  • Um, it was okay

    Here we go again, it wasn't my favorite, but this time, it was closer to getting to the thumbs down part of my thumb. It was pretty boring, though. Hoss comes back, and Yogg Sothoth or whatever posses Billy. Then Tickle Me Mandy, augh, I just hated that fake Mandy. Glad the real Mandy kicks her butt.

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