The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 5 Episode 7

Billy and Mandy Save Christmas

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 02, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • This is the only episode not rated TV Y7FV.

    • If Mrs. Clause's vampire form is blue, then why is the vampire hand that attacks Santa at the beginning green?

    • Why did Baron von Ghoulish disintegrate if Mandy stabbed his vacuum and not his heart?

    • Among all the things that Billy asks to Santa Claus, he asks for a fourth nipple. That means he has three nipples, but the third one is never shown.

    • I don't think Billy ever put on a jacket when he went to the North Pole but no one ever noticed.

    • We find out that Billy is Jewish in this episode because at the end he says, "Happy Channukah! That's what we have at are house and we get more presents."

  • Quotes

    • Billy: I want a peg leg, a 3-way radio, a shetland pony, an automatic shoe buffer, an eskimo, a baby antelope, aquaman underpants, ringworm education, a staple gun, robotic fingers, a fourth nipple, a condo in Miami, a monkey butler, a battery-powered battery charger. Hey, Santa, how come you only gots one eye? My weirdo next-door neighbor only gots one eye, too! That guy's a real freak monkey, mm-hmm.
      Skarr: Have you been relieving yourself on me this whole time?
      Billy: 'Tis the season for giving.
      (Skarr starts beating the crud out of Billy)
      Boy: (about Skarr beating up Billy) Santa's trying to kill that little kid!
      Skarr: (as elves are pulling him away from Billy) N-O-O-O-O! (referring to Billy) HE'S BEEN A VERY NAUGHTY BOY!!!! Just one seasons' beating! JUST ONE!!!!! (white beard falls off and it is revealed to be Skarr himself)
      Man: (referring to Skarr) Hey, that's not the real Santa!
      Woman: This mall lied to us!
      (people then start destroying the mall)

    • Man: (to Skarr) I got your Christmas cheer right here! (shows fist)
      Skarr: (crying) No, please! It's just a job!
      Man: Merry Fist-mas, jerkwad! (punches Skarr)
      Grim: It's getting ugly in here.

    • Skarr: So little girl, tell Santa your name.
      Cassie: Cassie!
      Skarr: And what do you want Santa to bring you... Cassie?
      Cassie: A cool pair of wings so I can flyyyy!
      Skarr: Yeah, and Santa wants another $1.50 an hour, but apparently he's not getting that EITHER! Just remember, Cassie, disappointment is a present TOO!

    • (singing)
      Baron Von Ghoulish: Now we're off.
      Grim: Yes we're off.
      Both: We're off to save Christmas.
      Grim: Off to save Christmas.
      Baron Von Ghoulish: And we're cold.
      Grim: Super cold!
      Baron Von Ghoulish: Yes we forgot our jackets.
      Both: Yes we did not bring our jackets, so we'll freeze and we will...
      Mandy: "Can it, you two. Alright, Baron if you know the way lets hear it, because we're lost.
      (singing continues)
      Baron Von Ghoulish and Grim: And we're lost. Oh so lost, and we can't feel our fingers. No, we can't feel our...
      Mandy I said knock it off. (sees Baron Von Ghoulish and Grim in a block of ice) Great, I get to spend Christmas Eve with a couple of dorksicles.

    • Santa Claus: (riding on his sleigh) Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! (waves to everybody) Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
      Billy: (dressed as Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer) And Happy Chanukkah, too! That what we have at our house, because we get more presents. (laughing goofily)

    • Mrs. Claus: (talking about how Santa turned into a vampire) I was busy mending Santa's underwear...
      Billy: (spits out cocoa) Santa has underwear?!
      Mrs. Claus: Washing his spare hat...
      Billy: (spits out more cocoa) Santa has a spare hat?!
      Mrs. Claus: Waxing his sleigh...
      Billy: (spits out still more cocoa) Santa has a sleigh?!
      Mrs Claus: Treating Donner's irritable bowels.
      Billy: (calmy drinks cocoa) He probably just needs more fiber in his diet.

    • Mrs. Claus: (To Von Ghoulish) And what kind of a vampire are you?! You were supposed to destroy them!
      Baron Von Ghoulish: Oh, I don't destroy anymore. Too messy...

    • Grim: I never did like the livin' undead… walkin' around all dead… but alive… Makes a mockery of my job.

    • Baron Von Ghoulish: Hey, can I come, please? I've always wanted to save Christmas since I was little!
      Baron Von Ghoulish: I'm gonna save Christmas when I get older one day!
      (flashback's over)
      Mandy: Sorry, you can't come. You'll just be dead weight.
      Grim: Undead weight. HA HA HA HA!
      Baron Von Ghoulish: Oh, pleeeaase?
      Grim: Come on Mandy, I always wanted to save Christmas with a vampire sidekick ever since I was little!
      Grim: When I get older, I wanna save Christmas with a vampire sidekick!
      (flashback's over)
      Mandy: Fine, but he's your responibility, Grim.
      Grim and Ghoulish: YAAAY!

    • Baron Von Ghoulish: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!
      Grim: (points at Mandy) Uh, she did it.

    • Billy: Hey, where's Mandy, Grim, and that skinny guy go?
      Mrs. Claus: Well, Billy, they were naughty. And when you're naughty, bad things happen to you.

    • Grim: Okay, we'll look for the head vampire. Billy, you look after the Mrs. Claus, your the man of the house.
      Billy: The man.
      Billy: The man?
      Grim: The man.
      Billy: The man!

    • Mandy: (tired) Grim, it's only Christmas when the sun is up.
      Grim: (excited) No, Mandy. It's after midnight, so it's Christmas!

    • Grim: (got his scythe back for Christmas) Oh, just what I've always want! So now do you believe in spirit of Christmas, Mandy?
      Mandy: (the coal drops out of Mandy's stocking, she stares at it, picks it up, stares at Grim while he's still smiles) No. (Throws coal at Grim)

    • Grim: Why is it that when I take you two to the mall, it burns down to the ground?
      Billy: I blame the economy.

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