The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 6 Episode 8

Billy and Mandy vs. the Martians

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 23, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Another great episode for this show!

    This is another great episode of this show. It shows that even though Grim dislikes being with Mandy and Billy, he really likes them in the end. Also, it was really funny. Escpecially when Billy talks to Grim. He talked with meaning and it was so funny because he was talking about picking your friends nose and stuff. Also when he said I am thinking of a number from one to ten he was thinking of 23 lol. And when he said he was thinking of an animal, he was thinking of a carrot. It was also nice because Mandy showed her tough personality in this episode to. In other words, I really loved this episode. They did a great job. That's my review.
  • Best, most hilarious episode of the whole show!

    This episode was "OMG That was sooooo funny, LMAO, LOL!" quality.
    In english, I loved every second of this episode. I couldn't get head or tail of the whole plot because I was laughing so much, but it didn't matter all that much. The Uranus joke, I thought, was a little out of order, but it reduced me to tears of laughter. The martian monster Billy inherited was hilarious, going "ruff!" at one point, vomiting over Irwin, and spitting out Billy's Mum and Dad at the end.
    Overall, a brilliant episode, and I am so going to get this taped in future.
  • billy and mandy upset grim when convienently the martian grim reaper comes to take away from earth when they try to conquer earth but billy,mandy,and irwin stop and destroy the martian grim reaper and everything goes back to normal.

    one of the best to be continued billy and mandy episodes i evevr saw in my life... it had a good storyline but i think when they where in the spaceship it was too big on the inside when it was tiny on the outside.they could have made it a little bit better at the end or inthe middle at the nasa rocket part.....but otherwise it was a pretty good episode one of the best but i say that alot!: )i cant believe irwin is still trying for mandy!!i liked the episode so much because it featured a new character! (morg) $jimmyjr$
  • A lesson has been learned for Grim, Bleah!

    In this episode, Grim learns a different lesson than Billy did, but with the same qoute Mandy used for Billy in "Get out of my head". If Grim hadn't shown Billy how to jump into people's heads, he would never have jumped into Mandy's head, would never learn that lesson, or share it with Grim. If you notice, Grim was emotional with alot of things, including how tiny lil' porkchop was, and his Fancy Joe. Also, about Mandy. Mandy never is worried because she knows that in the future she will easily rule the world all by herself, and if she is alive in the future, she will not die at least until the future.
  • Grim's Full-length Episode

    This marks the first full-length episode that focuses on Grim. All he ever wanted since the Limbo Contest was to be free. Meanwhile Billy, Mandy, and Irwin were using the catapult. They discharge watermelons at Skarr far away and Billy’s Dad. Then Mandy shot Irwin into the air near the recycling factory. Throughout the entire episode, Billy’s Mom gets petrified by Medusa’s head. It’s about time someone turned her into a statue. After Grim returns to scrap the gum off his scythe, Billy launched Grim’s favorite childhood toy, Fancy Jake. It really ticked him off. Grim wishes to escape from Billy and Mandy. Then some guy in disguise showed up and told him he can move away to another planet. Grim accepts the idea, and went into outer space. The guy who convinced him to come is another reaper named Morg. He controls the Martian Zombies. Billy and Mandy refuse to let Grim go. So they stow into his bottomless supernatural trunk. Irwin came along as well. While making a new enemy, they made a new friend who ate the Martian Zombies. Billy named it Admiral Wolverine Lightning Bolt. That was the second time Billy fraternized with one of the alien creatures. The three kids infiltrated into Morg’s headquarters, and Billy made a reference about the Kids Next Door. They were witnessing Grim and Morg trying to enslave humanity.

    Morg wants to use the Brain-Caster to possess the zombies on Earth. But in order to operate the device, it requires a human with a brain filled with distractions. Grim suggests that Billy is the perfect nominee. Grim entered the Forbidden Room with ash urns. He checked the previous reapers from other planets; Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. Grim was worried he might be Morg’s next victim. This also marks the second time Billy was used as zombie bait. We all see what happen to the undead after trying to suck Billy’s brain out, although he doesn’t have one. While Morg was attempting to power up the Brain-Caster with Hoss Delgado, he receives a Breaking News. Three children and some six-legged space reptile have stolen a saucer, and have set their course for planet Earth. Morg sends the Martian Zombies to capture Billy, Mandy, and Irwin. He straps Billy to the mind control device. Then he sends Mandy and Irwin to the pits where the Carrion Beetles feed. Irwin asks himself, “How could I always get eaten?” and then the giant bug devours him. Billy tells Grim that you must accept his friends for who they are no matter how mean, needy, and idiotic they are. Like he said, “You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose. But you can’t pick your friend’s nose.” Grim decides to return to Billy and Mandy. The big-nosed idiot saved everybody on Earth by thinking about other distractions. He destroys the Brain-Caster and pushes the button to send Morg flying into the vacuum of outer space. However the Martian Grim Reaper vows to get revenge someday.

    Finally, the gang went back to Earth. Admiral Wolverine Lightning Bolt followed them home. He regurgitated Billy’s Mom and Dad. Mandy says she owes Grim for not enslaving humanity and will do the dishes tonight. I’m not sure if she want kidding or being serious. Then Irwin came back alive and putrid. He stinks to high heavens because there are three flies circling around him. Mandy thought he was a goner after getting eaten by the huge space beetle. She asked how he escaped, but Irwin told them not to “think about it too hard”. Grim and Billy laugh at his misfortunes.

    This episode is really funny. I laughed my heart out at some scenes with Billy, Mandy, and Irwin are in. The ending shows Billy and Irwin are stranded on Mars in their underpants and one sock.
  • Okay

    Billy and Mandy vs The Martians is an excellent reason why The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy should be watched by everyone. It was really good for a 30 minute special, and even for just a normal episode. The Martian Grim Reaper comes to town and wants Grim on his side, but when they start causing terror here and there, Billy, Mandy, and Irwin must find a way to stop this evil from happening.
  • A cute episode, but not one of the best.

    This episode had its moments, but I feel as if the writers are running out of ideas at this point. Didn't the monster remind anyone of the one in Bully Boogie? And the entire plot was reminiscent of "Brown Evil".

    The martian grim reaper was quite annoying, but Fancy Jake was amusing. XD Irwin, as usual, provides comic relief.

    Oh, and another episode that this reminds me of is "Little Rock of Horrors." Eep. Not a better episode, but still good. It is Billy and Mandy, afer all. ;D
  • This was a funny episode grim leaves billy and mandy and joins with morg and they go to take over earth and billy and mandy go back to get grim.Morg uses billy to power up some stupid machine or something. my favorite part was when the zombies were dancin

    This was a funny episode it started with the martian grim repear in disguse and told grim that the bet will only work as long as u is on earth and he goes to mars and after some stuff him and morg go to invade earth this one funny episode.
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