The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 7 Episode 7

Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 30, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Following things in this movie: Mild Gross Humour Mild Violence Breif Adult Humour

    This movie not only lives up to the series, but it's plot is compelling and interesting.

    This movie is also hilarious, but it dosen't make sense. Like you would expect Billy and Mandy to make sense...
    Seriously, this movie takes side-splitting humour to the extreme.
    You can't go 10 minutes without something gross or funny happening!

    Beware, this movie has cartoon violence. It's VERY heavy, and might not be appropreiate for children under 6.

    Overall, this movie was great, with mild violence, excessivley gross humour, and fresh action.

    If you don't like this movie, then don't call yourself a Billy and Mandy fan. This movie is 50% of the show, and it's not to be missed!
  • The Underworld gives Grim's scythe to Boogey by bad power-using.

    This film was alot better than Wrath of the Spider Queen. Also, it's adventurous and it's not in Endsville as all the episodes. It's good knowing that Cartoon Network made Billy more stupid than in the most of the new episodes, and making another story with Fred Fredburger. The funniest scenes were when Fred Fredburger sings his song, and the root beer scene. The only bad thing in the movie was when Irwin kissed Mandy. The credits make the movie better, it's impossible to think of Billy as a president. The costumes and places in the film were used in the videogame.
  • This was the best!

    This is what made me love Billy and Mandy. Irwin kissed Mandy (wished it could of been Billy) and this movie had everything. Humor, Action, Adventure, Music, Robots, and FRED FRED BURGER! The Robots were LOL. And I loved Dracula. Billy's song was awesome! And everything was good.
    Except one thing. Number 3 making a cameo. What the heck! That was so stupid! When ever she was on screen, I turned my head in disgused. The Stupid Kids Dream Foundation? Come on!
    That's why I gave this movie a 9.1 instead of a 10. But otherwise it was the best movie ever.
  • I hate to admit it, but this movie actually rocked! :o

    I've been resisting this show. I wanted to resist liking this show because I just couldn't see me liking this show full out. With it's sometime suggestive humor, sometimes disgusting antics, and the sometimes mostly continuity breaking and destroying experiences of the show's timeline! But when I Finally saw this movie, I'm finally no longer a non-believer. There were so many good parts to this movie, its hard to list one thing that stood head and shoulders above the rest. I liked the Greek mythology, the song number Billy performed, Mandy's worst nightmare, Irwin Finally getting to kiss Mandy (he got hurt, but for him it was worth it!) the cameo appearance of Numbah 3 as the Temporary New Grim Reaper, Mandy almost revealing her concern for Billy, and the ultimate horror of the future is...Fred Fredburger?! :shock: You Can't make that stuff up! So yes, I guess I finally officially like this show but it's too little, too late as it's going to get cancelled soon. If I had known this show was going to go out with a bang...I definitly should have added it to my favorites. :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Really Great. Mandy shows too much mercy

    Grim had his scythe stolen by: Billy Mandy Irwin Billy's father Billy's mother Billy's cousin Billy's cat Goof: Milkshakes has no apposable thumbs Dracula General Skarr Principal Goodvibes Mrs. Claus-That makes no sense The Secret Snake Club The Army Scout Troup 701 The Jurassic Creeps The Sleestax The President Something He would do as a conspiracy The Mailman The Dingle Schmit Sisters The Boogeyman- He should not have said that A llama-See Milkshakes
    and a turkey salad sandwich? Hold the mayo. I also thought of these: Chicken Pot Pie Homer Simpson Jake Spidermonkey Principal Pixiefrog Ed Eddy Frankie Foster Jonny 2X4 FredFred Burger A cheerleader The Police The Mafia Patsy Scoutmaster Lumpus Edward Platypus Sampson Slinkman Cheese
    -(Cheese holding the scythe) "I'm a Lady" Rolf Kevin Sarah Madam Foster Dean Toadblatt Mindy Edd Clam Whimsur Slips Goo Bloo Kones Bull Sharkousky Henry Armadillo
  • It all started in the future with Irwin and Billy them discussing the past then the opening credits come on and apparently Billy watched them apparently they mention KND alot thats funny. Irwin kissed Mandy way too long but its alright.

    I loved the movie because of all the dreams i liked Billybot he was funny "Statement: I'm dreaming I'm a pigmey marmoset" LOL. Mandroid was nothing like Mandy until Mandy heard the robot say please then Mandroid exploded. Fred Fredburger was in it he said some funny stuff like: Hey are guys taking the cruise to the Grand Canyon? LOL. Also in Court fred says We find the defendent Inocent" and then the thing next to him says to him You idiot that says guilty LOL we love that guy Overall that movie was great. Our favorite part is when the all dream and their fears. We thought it was the best episode ever.
  • It's what the fans of Billy & Mandy were just about to expect for. A swashbuckling adventure full of twists and turns that can make even the biggest of fans wild.

    Big Boogey Adventure had finally premiered about a month ago , and this is currently the best CN movie to ever grace on a television screen. It seems that the story here is that due to being with the kids for a long period , Boogey returns as he sues the Grim Reaper resulting Grim losing his magical powers of death. It turns out that Boogey is up to no good again. This time around , he wants to find the legendary Horror's Hand , the most powerful weapon to be held in the Underworld , which will scare the dickens out of every single person and being alive whoever wears it.

    The movie featured twists and turns that were actually to make such fans of the show go wild , and some jokes that still makes the show stay the same as it usually means to be. What you need to do if you haven't seen it is stop reading this review , and go buy the TV-DVD. It's worth the price if your a overzealous fan. Rating : 10.0 out of 10.0
  • This was an awesome movie...!

    A few of the past episodes before the airing of this movie were kinds dry, and this movie was probably the reason. This movie is halarious, and has a great plot. It came with its original puns such as the musical moment, and twist ending. i really liked the dream entering because i had wanted to do that since forever.
    i think Maxwell Atoms did a really good job at thinking it out and stuff- and all the other staff peoples. i also liked how the 'hand of horror' thing was able to pick out the person's worse fear. Grim's fear was really well thought out, and was probably the advantage they had. Well,i liked this movie a lot and anybody else who thinks it sucked should probably start dancing because TB will probably kidnappe your plastic pink flamingo.
  • Maxwell Atoms out does himself with this cartoonnetwork movie!!!!

    I found this movie very funny, very cool, very very exiting! well not to exiting because oggie, Quote:"Can't scare a puzzle to peices!" now that was funny.I would'ent recomend it to kids about 2, 3, 5 but 6+ will laugh there heads off.I love it so much I`v seen it like 3 times and the jokes are so hilarious!!! If you dont like this movie your ether emotionless or dont have a funnybone or and innerkid! well every fan loves this movie I give it a 10! and also I wish everyone who has cable can see it! well keep doing good Maxwell Atoms! WHOO!
  • Best cartoon network movie EVER!!!

    A laugh out loud movie all the way through!From the stupidity of Billy, Billy-bot, Fred Fredburger, Billy's dad.

    1.Like Billy's dad geting fired from the Frankbuger because he ate all the paper cup.
    2.Like Fred Fredburger thinking (he's thinking?) that the pirate ship was a cruise liner
    3.Like Billy-bot drink 2 glasses of rootbeer which made him explode and farted fire.
    4.Like after Billy woke up from his sleep because of the cake with sleep powder in it, then he ate the cake again.
    5.Like Billy singing Scary-o out of nowere just because there are always songs in animated movies. Those were just exsaple of all the funny stuff that happen during the Billy and Mandy movie.
  • Maxwell Atoms continues to prove being the cartoon world's most daring creator.

    Once again proving he is the most daring cartoon maker going today, Maxwell Atoms' feature-length movie "Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure" takes the established continuity of the series and sends it spinning on its own ear, surprising and reconciling opposites like nobody's business.

    Grim's trial can be readily traced back to Beetlejuice's misdemeanors, but where Beetlejuice was an individual malcontent, Grim is an established entity. Mandy, being Mandy, plays it straight right up until her nightmare scenarios and her eyes misting with tears fearing Billy has become the Kracken's lunch, showing not only Atoms' willing to risk flexing the emotions of a character whose emotions are purely set in stone, but perhaps showing that maybe--just maybe--Mandy really does like Billy, warts and all. Mandy is purely Cartoon Network's greatest cartoon star.

    Irwin kissing Mandy to revive her is what fans have been waiting for (even if Mandy was asleep), and that Billy lays out what had been accomplished shows a hint of wisdom underneath that imbecile mind. Dementia, heart and a grand sense of macabre fun is what makes the movie go from the get-go.
  • I loved it.

    It was everything I expected and more. Mandy finally showed the world what I knew all along, that she cares about Billy. She always has. I could name evidence of that forever. Mandy's worst nightmare was hillarious. Irwin's kiss was a little much but so funny. Billy's song was great. Richard is such a great singer. I loved the opening with Voltaire's song Land of the Dead. The movie was flawless. I loved it so much and look forward to the KND crossover. My only critic would be to see a little more Dracula cuz I love him.
  • grim,billy,mandy, and irin travel the nether realm in search of horror's hand. it was so funny when nobody took the boogie man seriously. i laughed throughout the entire movie.

    this was the funniest movie i've seen in a long time! i liked it so much when nobody respected the boogie man. near the end when the boogie man get in a series of geting hurt made me laugh. it was kinda sad when mandy seemed like she would cry when billy was eaten by a kraken. irwin acted bravely to save mandy but he was the only one scared of the boogie man. grim relized he didn't need his powers to have powers. it was a great movie and i can't wait to buy the dvd next week.
  • Billy, Grim, Irwin, and Mandy race thorough the River Styx to get Thor's Hand before the Boogey Man can and enslave the free world!

    This episode was quite gross, even for Billy and Mandy! Billy's snot gluing the gondola together, Billy eating the Cyclops's eye. Fred Fredburger being the ruler of the world at the end was extremely unexpected! Billy eating the cake after he got knocked out was just retarded! The Star Wars references were great as well as the Terminator 2: Judgment Day references. I loved "Statement: I am dreaming I am a pygmy marmoset!" That was classic. Overall, it wasn't classic, but it was still quite funny! I recommend this episode to anyone who likes the show. The dream sequence made me shoot pop out of my mouth. And the Stupid Kid's Dream Foundation was hilarious as well as the KND crossover.
  • Omg. I can't believe it. That was so funny. When Number 3 came in I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe...

    Omg it would be way too hard to summarize it but it was a very well written plot and very, very funny. I was laughing so hard. Escpecially the part from where Number 3 comes in from Codename Kids Next Door and gets Grims scythe. I was laughing so hard!!! I am laughing right now thinking about that. It was just hilarious. And I really liked Mandy's character in this episode, it shows who she really is. Sometimes it was random, but that was a very minor setback. Again, I thought it was probably the best episode of this show yet. I mean it was hilarious. I couldn't frickin stop laughing when number 3 came in. So very great.
  • Side-Splitingly Hilarious!!!

    This is, in my opinion, one of the greatest episodes of Billy and Mandy ever. It is so cleverly written and directed. The characters are at their best. Billy was an absolute idiot, Mandy was evil as ever, and Grim was great, even without his powers. There were some great cameos by Fred Fredburger(yes!), Dracula, and Judge Roy Spleen. Oh, and how could I possibly forget to say something about the songs. The intro was intresting. But Scary-O was hilarious. And Stay tuned for the credits because there is a special apperance. i give this episode a 10 out of 10.