The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 7 Episode 7

Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 30, 2007 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • When Mandy said that they don't need Billy to win the race, Billy was underwater at the time so how did he know she said that.

    • When Grim, Billy, and Mandy were on the little boat, Grim was crying because he realized he lost his scythe. He must have forgotten that his scythe was taken away by the guards in the underworld courtroom then given to Numbuh 3.

    • Response to below: Just because somebody says they celebrate Hannukah, doesn't mean they can't celebrate Christmas as well. It's possible that his parents were raised to believe in the different religions of Christianity and Judaism, but they allow Billy to celebrate both of the religious holidays so as not to rob him of a happier childhood.

    • Billy said he's getting a new bike for Christmas, when at the end of Billy & Mandy Save Christmas, he said he celebrates Hannukah.

    • Boogey shoots the water gun 27 times.

    • If you listen closely to the song at the beginning of the movie, you'll notice it sound familar to the Evil Meteor's song from Little Rock Of Horrors.

    • If you look on that part where Grim shows the off and on switch underneath Horror's Hand. If it had that off and on switch underneath it, how can you wear Horror's Hand? The off and on switch would be blocking the way for your arm.

    • When Skarr puts the CD in his car's player he turn his hand over first. This would mean that he has in fact put the CD in upside down (with the playable side on the top.)

    • Fred Fredburger spelled something other than his name in this movie. He spelled "nachos" instead of his name.

  • Quotes

    • Giant Cyclops: Now me test you.
      Miniature Cyclops: (to Giant Cyclops) Let me look at 'em first.
      (Giant Cyclops takes off his one eye and hands it to the miniature cyclops who puts it on)
      Miniature Cyclops: (looks at Mandy) Holy crud! I never knew the Grim Reaper would be so ugly! I mean, he looks like a noseless mother with bad shoes.

    • (Mandy opens the door to find Irwin there, dressed as a bear)
      Irwin: (to Mandy) Your huggy bear is here to maul you with love, yo.

    • Billy's Dad: (to Billybot) When you become a man, you get real harry! Like this! (opens up nose and hair comes out)

    • Billy's Dad: (dragging Billybot offstage) Life is like a basket ball, its got its ups and downs and its controlled by taller and richer people that you.

    • Grim: When I get a hold of Boogie, I'm gonna rip his nose off, and put it in a jar!

    • Boogey: Is it true that not only was your scythe stolen by a headless man wearing a pumpkin on his neck, it was also taken by:
      Billy's father
      Billy's mother
      Billy's cousin
      Billy's cat
      General Skarr
      Principal Goodvibes
      Mrs. Claus
      The Secret Snake Club
      The Army
      Scout Troup 701
      The Sleestax
      The President
      The Mailman
      The Dingle Schmit Sisters
      The Boogeyman
      A llama
      and a turkey salad sandwich? (zooms in on Boogey) Hold the mayo.

    • Billy: (referring to the target markers pointed at Grim's face) Hey, Grim, how come you gots moving zits?
      Grim: Huh?
      Irwin: (after seeing the Underworld police) Aaah! It's the Man!

    • Mandy: (to Cyclops) Hey One-Eye! I think your stew's gone bad.
      Cyclops: No, secret ingredient cinnomon! Not bad!
      Mandy: Did it just get warmer in here or is it just me? (looks to Billy) Billy, did you? Oh my goodness!
      Billy: Did not! (pauses) Okay, I did. Tee, hee, hee!

    • Billy's Dad: Hey kids, Billy's Mom's a little upset right now seeing as she's going to have to go back to work at the dog-kicking factory.

    • Grim: Hey, come on! I know my rights!
      Boogey: You have the right to a butt kicking! Right, boys?

    • Judge Roy Spleen: Does the defense have anything to say?
      Billy: I would like to plead guilty.
      Grim: SHUT UP!!!

    • Mandy: Objection. The prosecuter can't question himself.
      Judge Roy Spleen: Oh jeez! Is that true?

    • Dracula: Dracula need a toilet!

    • Dracula: Dracula hate jury duty!

    • Billy: Jobs don't have to last forever, Grim. My dad starts a new job almost every week!
      Billy's Dad: Billy's right, Grim. I've been fired before, and it's not that bad. In fact, I get fired all the time! Why, just today I was fired from my job at Freckle Burger for eating all the paper cups. (belches up paper cup at Grim)
      Billy's Mom: What was that, honey?
      Billy's Dad: Uh, nothing Gladys!
      Billy's Mom: Are you sure? I could've sworn you--
      Billy's Dad: Uh, me not speaky your language!
      Billy's Mom: (holding spear) If you lost that job at the Freckle Burger...
      Billy's Dad: Ooh, ooh, ooh genie! Yob yob!
      Billy's Mom: HAROLD!!!

    • Grim: Reginald Skarr, I have come for thee.
      Skarr: Oh, that's great. My one day off and shark week's coming in all fuzzy.
      Grim: No! I have come for thee!
      Skarr: What? But I'm in perfect health! (Skarr's robe opens revealing the hole in his stomach.) This hole? It's just a flesh wound!

    • Billybot: Statement: DESTROY US ALL!!!

    • Billybot: Statement: I am dreaming that I am a pygmy marmoset.

    • Billy's Dad: (after Billybot's head blew up after drinking root beer) Uh, honey, I forgot. Does root beer usually make Billy's head explode?
      Billy's Mom: (offscreen) No, honey, it just gives him terrible gas.
      (Billybot's bottom port lights on fire)
      Billy's Dad: He's fine.

    • Billybot: Statement: I like pie.
      Creeper: I programed you to be unthinking, unfeeling killing machines.
      Mandroid: Billybot was damaged on the surface world.
      (Billybot falls over)
      Billybot: (short-circuting) Hee hee hee. Damaged.

    • Fred: I like cruise ships because they have buffets and shrimp!
      Billy: The buffet has shrimp?!

    • Boogie: I will leave you with a gift. (farts in Grim's face) That wasn't the gift, it was this morning's three-cheese omelette. Fear the gouda.

    • Fred Fredburger: Freda jacka! Freda jacka! I GOTTA POO! I GOTTA POO!, blah blah blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah, Ding Dong!, Fred Fredburger, yes!

    • Fred: These nachos hurt my tummy. But if I didn't eat them, I could never have known I could finish them all!

    • Irwin: I miss Billy yo! (crying)
      Mandy: I told you, he's fine..
      Irwin: He's been underwater for six hours!
      Mandy: Billy's always fine.
      Irwin: We're supposed to stick together! We need him! (crying)
      Boogey: What, you kiddies loose your mascot? What a crying shame! (fake cries and then laughs)
      Mandy: We don't... need Billy anyway... right? (looks at Grim, then into the river with watery eyes, her lip quivers, she wipes the corner of her eye, and a little vision of Billy appears in the reflection, laughing)
      (Grim taps her on the head several times)
      Billy: (coming out of the water with the Kracken) I'm fine!

    • Fred Fredburger: Don't you find the justice system, fasinating?

    • Mandy: (to her future self) You can't be me, I was supposed to do something important.

    • Mandroid: You took too long and now they are gone.
      Billybot: Statement: If I knew that robots had to pee, then I wouldn't have had that 32 oz. liquid coolant right before we time-traveled.

    • Fred: We the jury, state that the defendants are umm... innocent.
      Billy and Irwin: Yay!
      Grim: Phew!
      Pale Ghoulish Juror: You idiot! It says guilty.
      Fred: Guilty, yes!

    • Irwin: (screaming to the top of his lungs) MOMMY!!!!

    • Billy: Maybe we can make things right again.

    • Billy: Hee hee hee hee... He said "doody".

    • Paper Boy: (to Grim) Mornin', Death!

    • Fred: My worst nightmare was not having any nachos. I can spell nachos real good. N-A-C-H-O-Z, nachos. Yes!

  • Notes

    • Towards the end of the movie, when Mandy tells Grim that she has feelings, she looks all sad and her lip quivers, giving the impression that she's going to cry. But much like in Mortal Dilemma, she yanks Grim's chain and in her inimitable cynicism says she feels hungry and orders Grim to make sandwiches.

    • Look Closely: During the part where Horror's Hand is used, you could see a ghost duck from the episode, Duck!

    • The DVD was released on April 3, 2007. It contains both anamorphic widescreen and modified fullscreen versions with 5.1 surround sound and regular stereo sound. Special features include the episode, Bully Boogie and interviews with the voice actors.

    • Mandy shows a sense of empathy for Fred Fredburger when Mandroid blasts a cannonball at him.

    • Running Gag: Every time Billybot and Mandroid speak, subtitles are displayed.

    • Darth Vader from Star Wars appears as part of the underworld jury along with the Invisible Man.

    • Look Closely: (As Mandy thinks Billy is dead.) When Mandy first sees her refection in the river, she wipes her eyes.

    • When Billy says "But it's a dry heat", he also says that in the game while he runs around with his butt on fire.

    • The manner that Billy travels back in time is similar to that of the Terminator.

    • Worst Fears Revealed:

      Billy - A clown spider mailman monster.

      Irwin - Telling jokes in front of a grizzly bear audience and being mauled.

      Mandy - A fat "happy" future with Irwin as her husband giving up on her dreams to do something important.

      The Boogey Man - Not being scary anymore.

      Fred Fredburger - Running out of nachos.

    • This is the second time we see "Future Mandy" with glasses.

    • The Master of Horror's Hand, after the credits, future Billy goes back to his own time to discover that nothing has changed and someone has stole the hand out of Grim's trunk. Lord Horror is Fred Fredburger!

    • The appearance of Numbuh Three is a prologue to the crossover coming soon.

    • This movie was shown in widescreen version.

    • We learn that Billy is scared of mailmen.

    • The Japanese movie monsters; Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Anguirus, Rodan, Gigan and Gamera, all made brief appearances in this episode on an underworld roller coaster ride called Monster Island, a location also lifted from these movies.

    • This is the first time Mandy worries about Billy that does not involve her well being.

    • Mandy was close to smiling in the movie after thinking about how much power she would have if she had Horror's Hand.

    • General Skarr's first name is revealed to be Reginald.

    • Fifth appearance of Dracula.

    • Third appearance of Judge Roy Spleen.

    • This movie second aired on Teletoon in Canada on March 17th, 2007.

    • Irwin and Mandy kiss in the TV movie.

    • The list of people Boogey mentioned that stole Grim's Scythe included:

      1) Jack O' Lantern
      2) Billy
      3) Mandy
      4) Irwin
      5) Billy's Dad
      6) Billy's Mom
      7) Billy's cousin
      8) Milkshakes
      9) Principal Goodvibes
      10) The Secret Snake Club
      11) Dracula
      12) General Skarr
      13) Mrs. Claus
      14) The Army
      15) Scout Troup 701
      16) The Sleestax
      17) The President
      18) The mailman
      19) The Dingle Schmidt Sisters
      20) The Boogey Man (himself)
      21) A llama
      22) A turkey salad sandwich (hold the mayo)

    • Numbuh Three, in her evil form, from Codename: Kids Next Door appeared a few times as Grim's replacement Grim Reaper. At the end after she is fired and Grim gets his job back, she starts her own unsuccessful reaping business using a cardboard scythe. Note that she is designed to be closer to this show.

    • Third appearance of Fred Fredburger. He is seen wearing a Hawaiian shirt.
      (The Hawaiian shirt is an unlokcable costume for Fred Fredburger in the video game.

    • This movie first aired on Cartoon Network in the UK on February 14th.

    • Second appearance of the Boogey Man.

  • Allusions

    • Irvin:So the bear and the rabbit they were pooping in the woods.

      Irvin's stand-up joke is based on the same but vulgar joke made by comedian Gilbert Gottfried.

    • Billy: But it's a dry heat!

      This a spoof of a saying in Arizona.

    • After Mandy goes into her second dream and when she opened the doors, this scene is directly from the movie, Beetlejuice.

    • The appearance of Lord Horror as a giant statue could also be a reference to God of War (the Colossus of Rhodes at the beginning of the second game), especially with the missing hand.

    • Grim: We've got a runner!

      This is an allusion to the movie Logan's Run, a movie about a future where people are only allocated a twenty-five year lifespan and are then killed. The music from the Logan's Run escape scene also plays while Skarr is driving away(before he puts in the CD.)

    • Towards the end of the movie when Boogey walks off the cliff which he fell off of the first time, he does a yell similar to the Disney character Goofy's famous Goof Yell "Yaaaah-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hooey".

    • There are two references to the video game, God of War. Namely when Irwin uses Medusa's head to turn the enemies to stone and then later yelling out "I am the God of Love!" (instead of saying "war").

    • Look Hard: During the credits, when Creeper uses his time-traveling pants, you can see more historically accurate versions of the Flintstones. They resemble to the ones from "The Sensational She-Hulk" issue 5.

    • When Irwin is battling the pirates it shows a scene similar to various arcade platformer video games, most similarly though are Burger Time and Donkey Kong.

    • Listen Closely: When Boogey leaves the dream through the pipe you can hear the pipe sound effect from the Mario series of video games.

    • One Armed Drummer: Horror's epilogue shows him as a rock star with one arm, this is similar to Rick Allen, the one armed drummer for Def Leppard.

    • Boogie Man: Release the Kracken.

      This is a homage to the 2006 film Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest. The villain of the film Davy Jones and his crew have control over the Krakken and summon it to destroy anyone who recieved a mark for breaking a deal with Jones.

    • Title and Robots
      The title of this movie and the use of futuristic robot duplicates to destroy the two protagonists are, respectively, references to the first and second Bill and Ted movies.

    • Billy: Don't look a gift cake in the mouth.

      Billy spoofs the axiom, "Never look a gift horse in the mouth". Another Greek reference, the saying refers to the Trojan Horse, in which Odysseus and his men hid as they were wheeled into Troy for a surprise attack.

    • Cyclopses:

      Not only are the Cyclopses themselves derived from Greek mythology, their sharing of a single eye is much like the Graeae, elderly-born sisters that shared an eye and a tooth.

    • Look Hard: The two robots created to assassinate Billy and Mandy resemble C-3PO (Mandroid) and R2-D2 (Billy Bot) both known for there appearences in the Star Wars series created by George Lucas.

    • During Billy's song, you'll see a drummer that looks like Animal of the Muppets.

    • The song that is playing during the dance scene is Boogie Wonderland by the group, Earth, Wind & Fire.

    • At one point during "Scary-O", Billy is dressed up like Ziggy Stardust while being accompanied by a monster similar to Slash the guitarist, who is playing a guitar not unlike Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstrat.

    • Horror's Hand, the object this movie revolves around, is likely inspired by the Marvel Comics Infinity Gauntlet.