The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 2 Episode 10

Billy and Mandy's Jacked Up Halloween

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 01, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Great special halloween episode!

    What a special halloween episode.Well heres the story.A long time a go Grim met Jack-o-lentern and he choped his head of.Grim found out that he repleced his head with a pumpkin and he could be trouble.Billy and Mandy decide to go trick or treating.Mandy and Grim want to the Uptown and Billy to Downtown.Billy took Grims sychpe(dont know if i spelld it right) and left.Billy went to Jack-o-lentern's house and was tricked.Jack-o-lentern stole hte sychpe and created a lot of magical pumpkins that went the town.He caught Grim.Mandy deciced to fight against Jack-o-lentern but she lost.But Irwin came in a knight costume and made Jack-o-lentern laugh a lot.Mandy stolethe sychpe and destroyed the pumkins and Jack-O-Lentern.A very special halloween episode indeed =D
  • Well done

    Now we have a Halloween special, Billy and Mandy's Jacked Up Halloween. Seriously, you gotta watch this. It's really good. Jack comes into town, and looking for Grim for payback, so he when he gets Grim's scythe, he tries to cut Grim's head off since Grim cut Jack's head off. But thanks to Sleeping Beauty/The Female Indonesian Redback Sea Turtle/The Banana/Little Bo Beep/The Knight, he "saves" Grim by falling into Mandy's trap, intentionally meant for Jack, and causes all of the pumpkins to laugh the heck out of their selves, including Jack.
  • Scary sound effects are good to have with this special and others may take a hard avantage.

    A special episode that takes the place. Before Billy & Mandy there was the Grim Reaper who used to reap people but his great suspect was Jack who played classic pranks to others back in his days. Grim know that Jack was not good and Jack's deal did not pay the revenge and cut his head. I mean Grim first did it to the friends but he only hurt the pie. It's better then the Christmas special but its Adventrous with scary sound effects that make this special and some unsual events taking place.

    I cover this tale to Billy & Mandy's Halloween special a 7.5 out of 10.0
  • Grim killed a guy for his own good! This is indeed a great halloween special, but like The_Huntsman said, it was slightly rushed. Not as good as the game "Harum Scarum".

    Billy and Mandy's Jacked-Up Halloween wasn't nerve-wracking, obviously most halloween specials aren't!

    I liked the way the episode was done, it was done quite well. This seems to be Billy and Mandy's second halloween. But this time, they are dressed better than "Grim or Gregory".
    Anyway, I did like Irwin's knight costume but its a shame it went to waste. Anyway, he did "kiss" Mandy and I think Mandy was a very clever girl in this episode. Her plan to lure jack was indeed exciting.

    I am just disappointed because I thought the episode would have a longer climax with Jack trying to rule the world, not make the pumpkins laugh! I also did feel sorry for the old lady but she did deserve being stuck to her carpet. Another flaw was I did feel sorry for Irwin and the fact Billy can't be trusted with Grim's scythe.
  • Unique Halloween Special about Tricks

    Ever since I watched this Halloween episode, I was wondering why people play tricks on Halloween. Grim explains everything about the beginning of pranks. He met a village jokester named Jack O'Reilly. The prankster wished to have eternal life, but he was decapitated. He replaces his old head with a carved pumpkin and calls himself, Jack O'Lantern. Every night on Halloween, he pulls a lot of pranks upon innocent people. Jack vows revenge someday, and he also got away with Grim's mystical scythe. Thanks to Billy, who met him at Jack's house up on the hill, has cause another worldly destruction. It was up to Billy and Mandy to save Halloween and banish Jack O'Lantern to the Netherworld.

    It was the funniest Halloween special ever. I just hope Jack O'Lantern come back soon.
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