The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 6 Episode 1

Billy Ocean / Hill Billy

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 06, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Billy is eaten by a whale, and inside he meets Pinocchio again and his father, Geppeto. Also Billy 's dream of becoming a chicken juggler legend is explored in the second segment.

    The first episode is called "Billy Ocean" and it's great, trust me. While at the beach, Billy is thrown into the water by Grim (after he buried him into the sand, "only to his knees"). While in the water, Billy is eaten by a giant whale, although Grim kind of hoped it would be a barracuda attack.
    Inside the whale, Billy is reunited with Pinocchio, who still wants to devour his flesh in order to become a real little boy (see episode "Nursery Crimes" for more details). He is stopped however by his father, Geppeto, who immediately takes a liking to Billy and wants to adopt him as his son.
    Meanwhile, Mandy and Grim, aided by an all-wood captain, search for the whale (Blubbery Joe). Grim however seems to be a little sea sick. Back in the whale, Pinocchio, jealous of how much time his dad spends with Billy, is visited by the Blue Fairy, who tells him to start a fire inside the whales belly. Pinocchio does so, but only to cook Billy so he can eat him.
    Be sure not to miss the scene where Grim parts the sea using his scythe. The whale sneezes Billy, Pinocchio and Geppeto out and they all live happily ever after... sort of.

    The second segment, "Hill Billy" is great as well. Worried that Billy spends to much time watching TV and doing absolutely nothing, Mandy and Grim tell him to "chase his dream". Even if it's a stupid dream, Billy insists on becoming a legendary chicken juggler, just like his idol, Uncle Chokey. He leaves towards Uncle Chokey's farm, where he is welcomed by a country dirt gnome. Uncle Chokey starts a phonograph and everything that is "touched" by its music becomes a black and white retro cartoon. Meanwhile, all over the city, all eggs have disappeared. Mandy and Grim start to investigate and they arrive at Uncle Chokey's farm. They are also transformed into retro cartoons by the music which Grim says it sounds like a moose giving birth to an elephant, until Mandy uses a chicken to destroy the phonograph. In the end, Billy returns to his "normal life", watching TV.
  • The Return of Pinnochio / Retro Cartoon Fever (LOL)

    At first, I thought for sure Pinnochio was dead. But the stupid wooden boy still wants to eat Billy's skin to become a real boy. How pathetic! Anyway, I got to see Mandy in her swimsuit again. This time, she wore her tankini much longer than from the last episode she wore it. I also like to see chasing the water and then run away from it, until Grim tossed the idiot into the water. That's hilarious!

    Billy wants to be a chicken juggler. That's got to be the next stupidest thing he wants to do. Mandy hates retro cartoons, because they are extremely lame. I prefer animations in technicolor. Black and white cartoons are so 1920s. I also hate retro cartoons. This one is funnier than the Fairly Oddparents episode about Timmy Turner having a visit from his Granddad. We got to see Grim, Billy, and Mandy as retro characters. Pretty funny, huh?
  • I will build a fire so I can roast Billy and consume his flesh!

    1st new epiosde of the year and I loved it. Proves that the Billy and Mandy team can make good new episodes without screwing it up royal. Its hard say which of these is my favorite. At first it was Hill Billy but after watching the epiosde over and over(I taped it)I now like both of them. In Billy Ocean Billy gets swallowed by a whale and we get to see Pinocchio again who has become one of my favorites after this. And in Hill Billy Billy wants to juggles chickens. Trust me its better than it sounds. Anyone first great new episode and hope to see more on the way.
  • Still got gas, but I'm writing a review!

    Billy Ocean / Hill Billy made a perfect combination for a The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode! It was funny, funny, but mostly, funny! Retro Cartoons!

    Billy Ocean:

    Billy, Mandy, and Grim go to the beach, but of course Billy starts to annoy the two again. So Grim throws Billy to the ocean, where he meets a talking, singing hermit crab. Then... a whale eats him!

    The Return of Pinnochio and Geppeto! Of course, Pinnochio is still one of those "I hate you!" characters to me, but it was ok and very funny!

    Hill Billy:

    Billy watches too much TV, as he's always done, and Billy and Mandy tell him to go search for his dream. So Billy Chases his Dream to Live his Dream.

    Gas! Gas! Gas! Man, I was laughing so hard while I was watching that part! "Chasin' my dream! Chasin' my dream! Still got gas. But I'm livin' my dream!"
  • it was okay

    It wasnt the best episode but then again it wasnt the worst.They could have done better than that.Billy ocean was okay but hill billy was just plain sad.Billy goes out to some random guys farm to fufill his dream of being a chicken juggler that was stupid.and I didnt laugh once.It was cool to have an old character come back though (the pinnochio that wants to eat billys flesh.