The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 3 Episode 15

Chocolate Sailor / The Good, The Bad and The Toothless

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 05, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Chocolate Sailor / The Good, The Bad and The Toothless
Chocolate Sailor: Billy reads the man-eating comics and finds an advertisement for the Chocolate Sailor. Billy applies and receives his starter kit in 5 seconds. He eats all the chocolates and has to get more. He keeps doing it until he is what he eats... literally.

The Good, The Bad, and The Toothless: Billy is too busy with his loose tooth to go to the movies. Sperg helps by knocking out Billy's tooth. He ends up knocking out Billy as well. Then he wakes up in a town where Grim and Mandy are cowboys, and he is the local town boob. Outlaw Sperg has stolen Billy's tooth and sold it to the Tooth Fairy, and Grim, Billy and Mandy try to get it back.moreless

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  • Just... not so good

    Chocolate Sailor... was actually pretty good to me, since there was some laughs in it, such as Billy's chocolate coma and the wrapper eating thing. But the rest just floated off into its own world. I mean, The Good the Bad and The Toothless, about the Tooth Fairy, well, at least Mandy is a person that doesn't believe in that fairy.
  • The chocolate was okay, but the rest...

    With a storyline very weak and poorly developed, "The Good, The Bad and the Toothless" shows an Old West adventure about Billy and his his tooth which was stolen by the Tooth Fairy. Actually, this idea of mix western plot and fairies was kind of stupid, and the Rupert character was annoying. It even hadn't any funny moment.

    In the other side, the episode "Chocolate Sailor" has a pretty decent story. Just seeing Billy eating himself deserves a look.

  • "Chocolate Sailor" was funny and had a moral, but "The good, The Bad and the Toothless" was just PLAIN annoying.

    As much as I am very lenient to this show for god-knows what reason, this episode was average. Chocolate Sailor was obviously the better of the two segments as it was more interesting.

    Chocolate Sailor was funny and the way billy attacked the chocolate was good. Like what shengongwu3000 said, we learnt from this episode not to eat too much chocolate because we could just become what we eat!

    But, sometimes, the rotten chocolate just spoils your appetite to even make your teeth be afraid of. The Good, the Bad and the Toothless was one of the MOST boring segments of this show that I have very seen. I also hated the bullying of the Tooth Fairy, Grim and Billy. I would have liked it for Mandy to die because she is a pathetic little bloody cute twerp! So what was the message in this segment? Son't believe in mythical things and you will save yourself? What kind of crap is that! The only good thing was the ending as the whole episode was a snorefest!

    Overall, one of those bad Season 4 episodes (The Good, the Bad and thw Toothless), but with a good one (Chocolate Sailor).moreless
  • Chocolate Coma

    Even though I used to like chocolate, I think this episode is superb. It teaches me not to eat chocolate everyday. Just once in a while or never. It's very weird how one boy can eat ten thousand units of chocolate. The chocolate was enchanted. Eating chocolate until you can't eat anymore will turn you into a chocolate person. Only one antidote will cure chocolate comas. It was either caustic caramel cream, horrific hazelnut, mutating marshmallow, or vanilla antidote. Billy ate all four assorted chocolates. It turned him into a huge flood of chocolate syrup. Pretty gooey, isn't it?

    Anyways, it was pretty good episode.moreless
Robin Atkin Downes

Robin Atkin Downes

Chocolate Sailor #2

Guest Star

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Tooth Fairy / Teetermeier

Guest Star

Peter Renaday

Peter Renaday

Chocolate Sailor

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • After Grim mocks Billy about eating himself in his room, the inside of Grim's hood turns black.

    • Goof:

      Grim said that the Chocolate Sailor advertises in the back of man-eating comic books, however in the comic Billy was reading, the ad was in the middle of the book, not the back.

    • When Mandy and Grim first appear in Billy's dream, Grim's mouthlines are missing.

    • Mandy: I never accept candy from strangers. (After Billy walks away....)
      Mandy: He didn't sell us a single chocolate.

      Why would Mandy say that if she never wanted chocolate in the begining?

    • If Billy's loose tooth was a 3-rooted bilateral bicuspid sweet tooth, then why was it an incisor tooth instead?

    • When Grim, Billy (while in his chocolate condition), and Mandy are in the boat, you can see a scene where Billy has his normal skin and hair pigment. The next scene you see him, he's chocolate again.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Mandy: You know, Grim, sometimes I feel as if Billy were right here with us.
      Grim: Eh, he's in a better place.
      (Mandy and Grim eating sundaes)
      Billy: I like chocolate!!

    • Mandy: So, Billy, you still believe in the tooth fairy?
      Billy: (wakes up spontaneously) Bacon Double Cheeseburger!
      Mandy: Here's your stupid tooth to sell to your non-existent tooth fairy.
      Billy: There is so a tooth fairy, and I'll prove it! (swipes his tooth back from Mandy and walks away)
      Mandy: I liked him better when he was knocked out.
      Grim: Mm-hmm.

    • Grim: The scepter, Mandy! Look out of the scepter!
      Mandy: Stick a sock in it, Grim.
      Billy: Oh! (rushes to Socksco and comes back with a sock) Yeah, do us all a favor! (throws a sock in Grim's mouth)

    • Mandy: Come on, Billy. It's time to go to the movies.
      Billy: No can do, Mandy. I gots a loose tooth. And when I get this baby out, the tooth fairy's gonna fly down from his money tree in the sky, and give a lot of cash for it!
      Mandy: How many times do I tell you that there is no tooth fairy?
      Billy: 6,522, and I wanna buy me a jar of peanuts!

    • Billy: Come to Billy, my precious! (starts to gobbling up all the chocolates in the box)

    • Mandy: We got a tooth to pick with you.

    • (Billy biting his finger off each time and then screams in pain)
      Billy: Yowch! Ow! Ouch! Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya!
      Mandy: Billy, your eating yourself.
      Billy: I can't help it! I'm so yummy!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Running Gag: Billy keeps getting more boxes of chocolate sailors, and keeps eating them all up.

    • Credits: As Mandy prepares a showdown with the Tooth Fairy, Billy runs to meet him. Deleted scenes show Billy drinking green milk from the cow, climbing inside cannon and gets blasted out. Finally, Billy dresses up like a real cowboy while shooting in the air. Ducks, a cow, and a flying swine fall down to the ground.

    • Mandy's address is 123. You see this when Billy rings her doorbell to sell her chocolate.