The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 7 Episode 5

Company Halt / Anger Mismanagement

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 16, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Evil Con Carne tries once again to conquer the world and Mandy, Grim and Skarr are forced to go to an anger management class.

    Well the first episode "Company Halt", features the return of one of the most lovable evil guys in animated history, Hector Con Carne. as we all know, Skarr has retired from Hector's army and is trying to live a peaceful life. He would succeed, if Billy wasn't his neighbor that is.
    When Hector returns and offers Skarr the chance to destroy Billy if he'll come back to his army, Skarr reluctantly accepts. But Living in the same house with Hector and Doctor Ghastly turns out to be a little too much for Skarr. Overall an enjoyable episode, but not as good as the next one.

    The second segment is called "Anger Mismanagement" and is one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen. In order to get a job, Skarr is forced to go to an anger management class, where his fellow classmates are none other than Mandy and Grim. Their teacher happens to be a very happy midget who sees good and nice things even where there aren't any. His methods include petting a bunny, who will be beat up by Mandy. Then a special screen which allows him to see what exactly makes his students happy: Skarr - being worshiped and whipping people to do his bidding, Grim - a cemetery (or even a pet cemetery), and Mandy - absolutely nothing!
    His last resort is using the person all of his students despise, Billy. Surprisingly, his methods have worked and all of them have graduated from anger management class.
    But in the end it turns out their teacher isn't so nice after all, as he starts beating up a "hamburger man" who parked to close to his van and scratched its door. He is then arrested, and Mandy, Grim and Skarr all leave with his van.
    One of the best episodes I've seen in a while.
  • Evil Con Carne is back with a vegenance, and three of the most unlikely people try to solve their anger issues. :idea:

    I wish I knew how to sign onto this website two years ago and not 1.5 years ago. The latter is when I Did figure out how to sign in, the former is when I would've liked to sign in. If I had signed in back then, this probably would've been one of my favorite shows. Unfortunately, the show is coming to an end and there's no sense in me favoriting an ending show. But at least this show is ending in a very decent way. It's no secret that General Skarr has an extremely dark side to him, but ever since he's moved to suburban Endsville, he's been forced to put that behind him and try to be a good neighbor. But when you have Billy as a next door neighbor, your patience is bound to get pushed to its limit! And unfortunately, General Skarr has next to no patience whatsoever and Literally wants to kill Billy! And he just might get his wish when his old boss Hector Con Carne rolls back into town, willing to give the whole world domination thing another try. And Hector promises Skarr that if Skarr rejoins his ranks, Hector will in turn get rid of Billy. So Skarr agrees to this, but soon finds out that a bear with a bodyless brain and a vain evil genius woman might be worse than Billy himself if that's even possible! And Skarr's problems with his temper Really get him into trouble when he can't keep any of the jobs that he tries out for! And as punishment, he's forced to take anger management sessions! And who should be taking them with him except Grim and Mandy! And who should be trying to cure them except, not some crazed, whacked-out psycho strong guy, but a small, peace-loving hippy?! :lol: Only in a show like this could they succeed with an idea like That & make it work! :idea: That's what I love about this show, it can make ideas work that wouldn't work on any other show! :!: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Cool crossover with Evil Con Carne

    I liked both of these episodes a lot. 'Company Halt' was just a cool crossover with 'Evil Con Carne'. Both of these episodes also had Skarr in them. He is one of my most favorite characters. Major Doctor Ghastly looked kind of different from her appearance in 'Keeper of the Reaper'. I liked 'Anger Mismanagement' a lot. It was one of the funniest episodes ever! Larry also kept saying, "You're not a very nice person!" Grim had the graveyard, Skarr had a torturing machine, and Mandy had nothing. It was also funny when Larry beat up some guy near his van!
  • Skarr joins back with Evil Con Car Ne and Grim, Mandy, and Skarr have anger mismanagement.

    Woah this episode was pretty funny. Skarr joins back with Evil Con Car Ne and realizes that he would rather have Billy as an annoying neighbor than join back up with him. Anger MisManagement was just too funny to describe. I mean Grim, Mandy, and Skarr go back to have anger management lessons. Funny parts of this episode, all of them. Here are some I pick out. When the the three learn to count to ten when someone insluts them and the guy is like"Your not a very nice person!" to Skarr and he is about to shoot him. And when he wants to see thier minds. Grim has a graveyard, Skarr has a torturing machine, and Mandy is just unseen. It was funny when Billy is annoying and Grim trys to tickle him while Skarr shoots him with bubbles. Mandy counts to ten. The end was the funniest part, cause when the guy goes to get thier diplomas, he beats up this guy that parked too near to his car. Very funny episode.