The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 6 Episode 10

Dad Day Afternoon / Scary Poppins

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 05, 2006 on Cartoon Network



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    • Billy: (as Grim is about to zap Mandy's parents) Be careful, Grim.
      Grim: Yes, "careful" is my middle name. I never forgave my mother for that.

    • (during the end credits, Mandy and the Nanny are having a battle of wits)
      Mandy: It's going down.
      Nanny: It's going way down.
      Mandy: All the way down.
      Nanny: All the way down to the ground.
      Billy: (breaking up the battle) ALL RIGHT ALREADY!! This is boring! You are boring me! Why don't you guys move to the part where you battle with your laser swords?

    • Mandy: The less we know, the better we feel.

    • Mandy: (to Billy's Mom) Go suck a lemon.
      Billy's Mom: Now, young lady, in this house, we say please.
      Mandy: Fine. Go suck a lemon, please.
      Billy's Mom: That's better.

    • Grim: Hold on, she's the Nanny! Yeah, she's on that television show "Hey Nanny Nanny". It's another one of those annoying reality shows that are all the rage right now! She travels all over the world... and Burbank... helping parents deal with their spoiled rotten brats!
      Billy: So what's she doing here?
      Billy and Grim: OHHHHHHH!

    • Billy's Dad: I mean yea! Go home to your own... hold on, you mean to tell me that Mandy isn't our daughter? This whole time I thought she was! And what now, you say she isn't? So tell me... who does Billy belong to? How much of my life is a lie? Is our marrige fake? What about this house? My shirt? My underwear? Is this all part of some interplanetary conspiracy to make me think I'm a lowly construction worker?
      (Mandy leaves Billy's house)

    • Nanny: (to Claire) Girl, you best get out of my grill if you know whats good for you.

    • Grim's Dad: (chuckles) What a boy won't pretend to be to get his dad's love.
      Billy: I once pretended to be a peanut butter and bologna sandwich! My dad loves those. I still have the teeth marks! (holds out his arm and we see teeth embedded in it)

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