The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 7 Episode 13

El Dia de Los Muertos Stupidos / Heartburn

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 09, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • "Heartburn" isn't a gas, just mildly discomforting.

    The last time we saw Mandy succumb to that most base of all emotions--love--was in the similarly one-word-titled episode "Crushed," when she fell for Billy's goth schoolmate Piff. At the end, she declared that love is for the weak.

    "Heartburn" has a set-up that's more puzzling. Grim's camera shows what your true heart is and it shows that half of Irwin's is identical to the whole of Mandy's--pure, unadulterated evil. Mandy losing her sense of self, fearing that Irwin (of all people) may be her ultimate soulmate, becomes a non-sequitur, reaching a pinnacle as she lies on the couch in tears, trying to shake off the notion she's falling for the nebbish. I suspect that the majority of fans that were turned off by this episode were Billy-Mandy "shippers," repulsed that Mandy would allow Irwin to kiss her. As I see it, Mandy betrays herself, what she stands for, on behalf of the show's staff experimenting haphazardly with chromosones X and Y. There should certainly have been a keen episode of Mandy's inhibitions let loose, but "Heartburn" wasn't it.
  • Really weird. In a corny, bad way.

    Okay, whose idea was it to make this episode?! This was the weirdest and corniest episode pair ever. Mainly because of the whole 'true heart' camera thing, and the nose parts, plus, EL UGLIO? They couldn't come up with a better name? And the second half seemed like a ripoff from Crushed, one of their earlier episodes. When that happens, it turns out crappy...horribly crappy. Like, they didn't even attempt at a joke, or even witty banter. They just grabbed an idea and went for it, without even blinking or allowing the viewer one more look at the old Grim and Mandy.
  • it's really weird... that's all i can say.

    El Dia De Los Muertos Stupidos: pretty good, kinda boring though. i didn't really get it and there's not much to say about this episode.

    Heartburn: ok, this is without a doubt the WEIRDEST episode EVER in the show. ok, Billy "borrows" Grim's True Heart camera to take random pics of everyone at school. after they develop, Billy and Mandy look at them. Billy's pic has him on a hill or meadow with flowers and animals surrounding him. However, Mandy's picture has her in a house with a spider dangling to the side and she looks like a green hairy beast that's roaring at the screen. When they look at Irwin's, Mandy is shocked to find that his picture is like half of Billy's and half of her pic. then, it's really hard to explain the rest of the episode...