The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 7 Episode 1

Everything Breaks / The Show that Dare Not Speak Its Name

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 06, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Everything Breaks

Billy is breaking things in his house and his parents get angry at him. Billy then drives to Endsville Elementary School using the school bus, destroying obstacles, such as Mr. Skarr's garden. He lets Grim drive, although he doesn't know how to drive a vehicle. Grim crashes into the school and into Miss Butterbean's class, where students are sharing their science projects. Billy's science project is about Endsville's protection against natural disasters. When showing what could happen Endsville if a disaster happened, he crushes much of the school. Grim transports Mandy and Irwin to the Land of Pain and Suffering (renamed Level 9) where Lord Pain is ordered by Mandy to let Billy destroy things until he gets sick of it. Meanwhile, a psychologist tries to find out why Billy likes to demolish objects by hypnotizing him, going back all the way when Billy was a baby. The psycologist tells Billy that's too far, so Billy goes to a time when his parents ignored him. Billy caused chaos to get their attention and the psycologist believes that's the reason why Billy likes to ruin things. Billy angers him and Lord Pain gets Billy to come to Level 9. There, Lord Pain shows Billy that he can destroy anything in Level 9, so they do so. Even though Billy destroyed the city, he still has the urge to destruct objects, so Lord Pain and Billy go back to his house. They tell Grim and Mandy that destroying things is fun and then they start to ruin Billy's house.

The Show that Dare Not Speak Its Name

Billy is looking through Grim's trunk because he feels bored and discovers a magical rubix cube. He plays with it and releases Pinface, a monster from the Netherworld with pins on the sides of his face. After he is released, Pinface decides to call everyone from the Netherworld so they can take over the real world, but instead they have a house party. Outside on the sidewalk, Mandy asks Billy about the cube and Billy tells her that it's magical and that he released Pinface. They confront Pinface and Grim arrives. Grim tells them that he knew Pinface. Pinface and Grim used to live next door to each other when they were younger. They were best friends until Pinface's dad got a job somewhere else and had to move. Then one day Grim hung out with Pinface's sister at the mall. Grim dumped his girlfriend because of her bowling pins. Pinface traps Grim in the Netherworld and Harold walks by. He finds the puzzle cube and solves it (by rearranging the stickers), taking everyone from the Netherworld back to the Netherworld. Gladys sees that the house is damaged and becomes angry with Harold. Harold explains that he was dancing with monsters and the bathtub falls onto him. Then Billy asks where Grim is, and he is seen with Pinface and his sister, ending the episode.