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Is there a reason this isn't on DVD?

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    [1]Feb 24, 2010
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    I'm looking for the first season at least, but I can't find it. I loved this show and now that it's canceled, I can't watch it anywhere.
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    [2]Feb 24, 2010
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    The first season was released on DVD and can be ordered from (just type in "Billy and Mandy" in the search bar and it should appear somewhere on the list). I'm sure there are other websites where it can be ordered from, but amazon would be one of the better choices. As for the other seasons? As far as I know, there are no plans to release any of the other seasons of Billy and Mandy on DVD, at least not in the immediate future. I don't know what the sales numbers for the first season were like, but if they weren't very good, I can't imagine another GABM DVD release coming any time soon, unfortunately.

    Anyways, that's all the info I can give.

    ****EDIT****: Well, I've been doing some searching, and there seems to be a Billy and Mandy "Collection 2" DVD floating around. Whether or not its authentic, I don't know. And if it is, I'm not sure if it's actually season 2 on DVD or just something else. I've been trying to get some more info on it, but I can't seem to find much.

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    [3]Oct 16, 2011
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    Sorry but Billy and Mandy colection 2 is in region 4 different for me.

    I don't know for you but it won't play on my dvd player because of the region code.

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