The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 2 Episode 5

Grim in Love / Crushed / Love is Evol Spelled Backwards

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 11, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • How can you not enjoy seeing Mandy and Grim fall in love!

    This episode was fun to watch because it was so surprising.
    Mandy, who clearly has no intrest it boys is infatuated with Billy's new friend. She then proceeds to ask Grim to rip her heart out but Grim has other ideas. When Grim falls for a goth chick, they use many movie references to add some humor. However they may have gone a little too far with the "When Harry Met Sally" joke. Sure, it probably went right ove most kids heads, but still. Talking about "doing it" no matter what "it" is, just doesn't belong in a cartoon aimed at kids. All in all though this episode was very enjoyable.
  • Averaged Episode

    This episode was somewhat averaged for me, including a bit of boring. Grim in love wasn't really the kind of episode I was looking for in the series. Crushed was pretty good, introducing Pfff, who Mandy falls in love with. Love is Evol Spelled Backwards gets Nergal and Aunt Sis together. And I just thought it was like that.
  • Grim in Love, Crushed.

    I only remember the Grim in love one. I liked Malaria's dress and her whole outfit. I thought it kinda sad how she got scared off though. A classic story we reveal what we are and people run away. I loved the fact though that someone like Grim culd fall in love.
    No wait I remember Crushed now. With Piff the Goth kid whom Mandy falls in love with. I like the idea of the only person Mandy can fall in love with is a Goth. Way excellent. I think she looks a lot better than in My Fair Mandy when she gets dressed up. Go Mandy.
  • Love is in the air!

    This was a valentine's day based episode. But when this show was with Evil Con Carne, one of these segments was kicked out, I can't remember which one.

    In Grim in Love, Grim meets Malaria and falls in love at first sight. They go all kinds of things together like the time when Malaria was "faking it" which was gross or the painful part when she stepped on that poor scottish guy's body with her sharp shoes. In the end, Grim loses her.

    Then, in Crushed, Mandy falls in love with the cool new guy that Billy called Piff. But why even if she rejected Irwin's invite due to weak-minded love... I was slightly disappointed that Mandy punched Piff in the end, he didn't seem to deserve it. The part that I liked most was the part when she was smiling (Wonder if My Fair Mandy followed this)

    The last segment, Love is Evol Spelt Backwards, was quite good. It had us seeing Nergal and this time he finds poor loveless Aunt Sis. Billy's mom was so bad to her when she said "she hasn't had anyone to love in her lonely pathetic life" and "It was the happiest 4 minutes of her life". I think Billy's mom went mental after seeing Grim.
    Anyway, Nergal tries to get Aunt Sis to marry him but she rejects until billy goes to far and makes them marry each other.

    Overall, a very funny and good episode but there was a problem. That was that Mandy still thinks love is weak-minded and manupilated an innocent Piff to LOVE her and have him beaten up and heartbroken like Irwin.