The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 4 Episode 4

Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears / The Secret Decoder Ring

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 15, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears / The Secret Decoder Ring
Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears: Grim and Mandy are bored out of their minds and desperately need something interesting to do. There's a free toy giveaway at the mall, and Billy decides to go. Grim and Mandy go and end up running into a suspicious woman named Serisue who offers Mandy a paying job as a spokesgirl for the Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears. At first, it doesn't seem to be so bad, but then weird things start to happen. And the people everywhere are running wild! Could the sweet Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears be the root of the problem?

The Secret Decoder Ring: Billy tries to use a decorder ring that he finds in a cereal box in order to discover the secret of the universe. The weird thing is, he's not the only one trying to discover it this way.moreless

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  • Not the best

    Yet again, another unappealing episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. This time, a little worse job, Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears, no. You've gotta be kidding me. Serisue, otherwise known as Eris is all behind this. The Secret Decoder Ring, again, not such a good episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
  • Some things changed with the look of the characters.

    The character's personalitys did not change at all but they way the looked did. They all seemed a bit more older and Grim looked rather tired, but mostly these changes where noticable in The Secret Decoder Ring. Not only did thier looks changed but Billy seemed a bit more smarter than usual and Mandy looked a little more like somebody you would expect to be really nice. Billy and Mindy's voice seemed to have changed also, but thats in my opinion.moreless
Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Happy Huggy Stuffy Bear

Guest Star

Cam Clarke

Cam Clarke

Employee / Kid #2 / Narrator

Guest Star

Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler

Lubbermouth / Zombie Kid

Guest Star

Greg Eagles

Greg Eagles


Recurring Role

Peter Renaday

Peter Renaday


Recurring Role

Rachael MacFarlane

Rachael MacFarlane

Mindy / Eris / Serisue

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • I discovered the slightest goof in this episode. In order to find out, you must record "The Secret Decoder Ring" episode. Pause at the part when Billy receives another holographic call. One scene is all black. It says "Billy & Mandy" on top. "#638-018" and "TAKE 2" in the middle. And "021.fx" at the bottom of the screen. I don't know how it got there.

      EDIT: It was probably the name of the Show, The production code of the episode, the second attempt at making the scene (they might of screwed up somewhere in pre-production), so they had to redo it, but im not sure what the 021.fx is for. The producers probably just left that as a note, and forgot to remove it because they didnt notice it when they watched the episode!

    • In the commercial, Grim's robe becomes pants at the legs, but it has been shown earlier that his robes are like a dress.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Mandy: Hey, what's wrong with the T.V.?
      Grim: Nothing. I'm just waiting for Billy to realize it's not on.
      Billy: (after staring blankly at the television with a wide smile for a few seconds) I love this station!

    • Grim: (after decapitating the Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears) I haven't had this much fun since the "French Revolution". We gotta do this more often!
      Billy: Hey, Grim! Why'd you cut off the head of my Huggy Stuffy Pony Bear?
      Grim: Because it made you into a zombie.
      Billy: Oh. You bears are all alike. You love us, you turn us into zombies, your heads get cut off, and leave us brokenhearted.

    • Mandy: You're a regular Einstein.

    • Mandy: I know. I have been watching Billy take stuff out of his ears for 2 hours now.

    • Eris: I love the smell of chaos in the morning. It smells like victory...or tuna casserole!

    • Grim: That is so wrong in so many levels.

    • Eris: All the control! All the power! ALL THE FREE CHICKEN!!!

    • Billy: Aah! Kiwi! Keep it away from me!

    • Billy: Invisibility is cool!
      (Grim grabs Billy) Hey! You can't see me! I'm invisible!
      Grim: You're not invisible, you twit. You're just naked.
      Billy: Nuh-uh. I'm wearing a fig leaf, or maybe it's poison sumac. (whispers) I'm kinda chafing.
      Grim: Look, you little nudist! It just a stupid decoder ring for decoding the stupid message on the back of the stupid cereal box, STUPID!!

    • (Grim singing as he decapitates the Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears)
      Grim: Oh, one little, two little, three headless Huggy Bears, four little, five little, six headless Huggy Bears, seven little, eight little, nine headless Huggy Bears, and I've still have a million to go!

  • NOTES (4)

    • This is the first time Mandy hugs something by choice.

    • Fifth appearance of Eris. Her face looks different since Complete and Utter Chaos.

    • Credits: While Grim was singing and slicing the heads off the Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears, he returns to the ground, and mentions about the French Revolution. Then Billy comes in with the decapitated teddy bear and asks why Grim did it. He told Billy that thing turned him into a zombie. Billy was upset that they hypnotize them to cause chaos and having their heads cut off. Billy mourns.

    • In the episode, "The Secret Decoder Ring", the person Billy made contact using the decoder ring with is the female character who looks like Princess Leia from Star Wars. The person called "Oki-Wan Kadoki" is somewhat similar to the name of "Obi-Wan Kanobi."


    • Billy: Oh, big bucks! No Whammys!

      "Big bucks" and "no Whammys" were the battle cries of the contestants from the game show Press Your Luck (CBS, 1983-86, currently being replayed on cable/satellite channel GSN). The Whammys were cartoon creatures scattered throughout the game board which stole a contestant's winnings if he was landed upon.

    • Name: Oki-Wan Kadoki

      It is a spoof name of Obi-Wan Kanobi from Star Wars.

    • Decoder Ring Contact:

      The person Billy made contact using the decoder ring with is the female character who looks like Princess Leia from Star Wars.

    • Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears:

      It is clearly reffering to the Care Bears.

    • Billy: (after he puts the ring on) I'm invisible!

      When Billy puts the ring on, he thinks he's invisible. Blatant reference to the One Ring from Lord of the Rings.

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