The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 6 Episode 6

Herbicidal Maniac / Chaos Theory

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 21, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • "When did you and Eris start dating?" "Since episode 47."

    Herbicidal Maniac
    Skarr gets Grim to help him with a weed problem in his yard. Billy tries to help but ends up wrecking the entire yard. Skarr tries taking Grim's scythe to kill Billy with but Grim fights back and Skarr ends up being set on fire and run over by a lawnmower. When Skarr wakes up, he's been transformed into a plant and he's bent on getting revenge on Billy for wrecking his yard.
    *Also note that Mandy has no lines in this episode.*

    Chaos Theory
    Mandy, Grim, Billy, Harold and Irwin are all at Costmo; getting the items on their respective shopping lists. However, everything is too in order. The reason? Eris has been busy dating Hoss Delgado. Hoss wants to dump Eris so he can get back to fighting monsters but can't do it. Grim, Mandy, Billy and Irwin will have to try to help Hoss break up with the goddess of chaos.

    Herbicidal Maniac is my favorite of the two. One thing that really bugged me is that Skarr sounds so different from in Skarred for Life. And why does Ernest like bothering Skarr so much? In his first appearance he wouldn't shut up about curses and failed to keep the house in tact for 3 days. This time he freely admits to spying on Skarr through his window. I'm not saying it's not funny because it IS funny but weird.

    Somehow Billy was able to escape from Skarr's attack. Of course, they tried to trick the viewers by having what appeared to be Billy's skeleton still where Skarr left Billy... but it was just some skull that Billy left there.

    Overall, Herbicidal Maniac gets a B while Chaos Theory gets a C.
  • A Great Skarr/Eris episose

    Herbicidal mainac was a great segment it starts out with skarr appretating how beautiful his yard is suddenley billy comes in on a lawnmower and ruin\'s his yard also skarr relizes he now has the power to control plants and he wins the endsville good neghibor award and now he tries many ways to get revenge before organizeing a pool party for everyone (except) spiders, vegatarins swamp monsters and other creatures or crazy people everyone is there and skarr tries to run billy through the blades of another lawnmower billy is telling skarr that he is not a good neghibor but skarr says the award proves he is a good neghibor then he drops the award then skarr gets thrown up into air and gets diced up by helicopter blades grim and mandy leave billy tied up in the yard meanwhile skarr starts laughing menicinglay then a dog comes along and it\'s nose starts sniffing the spot where skarr was growing back skarr sees this and is scared because figures that this is a good spot and he starts backing up and sqautting and doing it's "bissnus" Skarr is pleading with the dog to somewhere else but the dog does not listen to skarr screams that he had to see the dog do it's "thing" on him
  • Just another really great episode

    Herbicidal Maniac and Chaos Theory were two really awesome episodes, although, Chaos Theory just was kind of offtrack, and there were some parts where I was, "Yawn. Can this get any boringer?" Yeah, Chaos Theory was ok, but I prefer Herbicidal Maniac.

    Herbicidal Maniac:

    Skarr tries to have the best lawn, but when Billy comes to mess it up, his hope is lost. But when he suddenly becomes a plant-like creature, he tries to take revenge on Billy by inviting him over to his Good Neighbor Party, since he won the award. Billy convinces him that he's not a Good Neighbor, but still leaves him trapped in the lawn forever.

    Chaos Theory:

    Well, the part that I didn't really like about this episode... the story line was just off. And it could've been doen way better than how it turned out to be in this episode. I would give it 1 thumb up, 1 down.