The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 6 Episode 6

Herbicidal Maniac / Chaos Theory

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 21, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Goof:
      Hoss said he's been dating Eris since episode 47 which is
      Jeffy's Web / Irwin Gets A Clue
      although he's known Eris since episode 54.

    • In one screen where Skarr's leaf started budding. But in the next screen while explaining how is he going to eliminate Billy, Skarr's bud is changed back into a leaf.

    • While Skarr mentioned that they are all lesser than him, Mandy was barefooted.  But during the scene where people are applauding, she was wearing shoes.

    • Herbicidal Maniac was written by C.H. Greenblatt, the voice of Fred Fredburger.

    • In "Chaos Theory," Hoss Delgado mentions that he has been in love with Eris ever since episode 47. However, the episode he was mentioning, Guess What's Coming to Dinner, was aired as part of the 54th episode, not the 47th. (Unless Hoss Delgado was mentioning it in the order the episodes were produced and not aired than it might be okay, but still technically wrong).

    • Cow from Cow & Chicken provides Skarr with quite a load of manure for his garden.

  • Quotes

    • Billy: (after getting captured by Skarr's vines) Are we playing tag?
      Skarr: It's sort of like tag and you're definitely "it".

      Billy: Good, I like being it. Because when Mandy's it, she uses Dobermans and I don't really think thats fair!

    • Skarr: (just as he prepares to kill Billy with a lawnmower) Just remember, this is what you get for being a bad neighbor!
      Billy: (crying) You're the one trying to hurt me. You're the bad neighbor! (Skarr stops the lawnmower)
      Skarr: You! You take that back! I'm a good neighbor (gets award) This award proves it, see? See, it's say--(drops the award to the lawnmower as it sucks to the mower) My award! Oh, that doesn't sound good. (lawnmower explodes)

    • Vegetarian 1: (reading Skarr's invitation with the other vegetarian, swamp thing, and Jeff) ...Except vegetarians, swamp things, and giant spiders.
      Jeff: (disappointed) Oh, man!

    • Skarr: Give me that scythe! I'm going to kill him!
      Grim: No way! I'm the only one who gets to use it!
      Billy: Oops, missed it again!
      Skarr: I just need it for a second!
      Grim: Let go, you're gonna break it!
      Billy: Nuts! Missed it again!
      Grim: It's full of dangerous supernatural energies! (Skarr and Grim continued to fight over for the scythe when the scythe zaps Skarr and he was covered with green flames)

    • Skarr: (about Billy) Getting hold of that brat is proving to be bothersome. (a small spider walks by)
      Baby Spider: Mommy... (Skarr swaps it away)
      Skarr: If only I had a convienient excuse to throw a big party so I can take care of him here... in my terms. (the doorbell rings; opens the door to find Ernest) What do you want, Ernest?
      Ernest: Okay, see, I got a good reason why you should throw a big party.
      Skarr: Were you listening through my window again?
      Ernest: Ah, only for a few minutes. By the way, your new drapes are lovely.
      Skarr: Get to the point.
      Ernest: You've won the Endsville Good Neighbor Award for having a beautiful yard!

    • Skarr: (as he's flying in the sky) It's funny I had this provoting feeling I was going to be accidentally mulched. (helicopter shreds him to pieces) AAAH!!

    • Billy: What's all this crazy talk got to do with tag?
      Skarr: I'm not talking about tag! I'm talking about killing you!
      Billy: Why would you want to do that?
      Skarr: Because you ruined my garden and turned me into a freak of nature!
      Billy: Well, you were kind of a freak anyway, and your garden is better than ever, and now you gots hair, so what's the problem again?
      Skarr: Look, if I want to kill you, that's my poragative, okay?!
      Billy: I'm just saying from a logical point of view--
      Skarr: SHUT UP!!! Now, prepare to became a thousand tiny Billy bits!

    • Eris: (pulling Billy by his shirt front) What is going on?
      Billy: Hoss is dumping your bony butt! Just wanted to tell you that.
      Eris: Hoss? Dump me?! We'll just see about that, little man.

    • Skarr: I'm back. (starts laughing evilly)
      Skarr: (sees the dog's nose then sees the dog backing up and sqauting) Wait! What are you doing?! N-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!!!

    • Billy: (singing while floating on a raft in the swamp) Walking through a swamp,
      helpless as can be...

    • Skarr: Now that is one handsome yard. A yard worthy of winning the coveted Endsville Good Neighbor Award. When I have that award, I shall place it here upon this perch for all to see. And as they roll by in their minivans, their children will weep burning tears of joy at the sight of my front yard. And they shall say: There! There lives General Skarr! There lives... (spots dandelion)

    • Billy: Mayonnaise makes my skin all soft and touchable.
      Irwin: You're really sick, yo.
      Hoss: Freeze, you ectoplasmic slimewads!
      Irwin: Did you say something, yo?
      Billy: I got mayonnaise in my ears!
      Hoss: So, you wanna play tough, huh?
      (Hoss shoots balls at Billy and Irwin)
      Mandy: Hold your fire, Hoss. Those are not ectoplasmic slimewads you're shooting at. That's just a couple of shrimps covered in mayonnaise.
      Hoss: Now why the heck are they covered in mayonnaise?
      Billy: It's on the list!
      Irwin: (at the same time Billy replies) It's on the list, yo!

    • Pud'n: Mr. Skarr, there's a candy bar in the pool!

    • Billy: (walking in the backyard to pick up the skull) Oh! So here's where I left that silly skull. Come on, I'll put you back under mom's pillow where you belong.

    • Billy: Bye, mom. I'm going out to relieve some gas.

    • Hoss: You've never been truly loved until you've been eaten by a giant bug. Roawr!
      Billy: I may never grow up!
      Irwin Yo.

    • Grim: Ahhh... I love bargain shopping at Costmo! I wonder if they got big buckets of blood, I'm running late.
      Mandy: Something makes me doubt that, Grim.

    • Eris: When a praying mantis devours her mate, it's because she loves him. When I do it, it's because I'm crazy! (laughing maniacally) Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

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