The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 3 Episode 4

House of Pain / A Grim Prophecy / Mandy Bites Dog

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 02, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

House of Pain / A Grim Prophecy / Mandy Bites Dog
House of Pain:
Lord Pain from the Plain of Eternal Suffering comes to serve his idol, the Grim Reaper. When Grim grows tired of being a slave to Billy and Mandy, he asks Lord Pain to kill them. When Pain comes to finish Mandy off, she convinces him that she's the one in control, and starts serving her instead.

A Grim Prophecy:
Back in the Stone Age, young Grim sets out on his first night as the Grim Reaper. When he comes across an old Witch Doctor he's supposed to kill, she has foreseen his prophecy, and lets little Grim see into the future, where he becomes a servant to two annoying kids.

Mandy Bites Dog:
After Mindy and her chiuaua, Little Delicious, mock Mandy's cowardly dog, Saliva, Mandy is convinced that she needs another dog. So she enlists the aid of Grim's three-headed dog from the underworld, Cerberus. Realizing that he's not wanted anymore, Saliva leaves Mandy and her new dog, Cerberus, to scare Mindy and her dog. Little does Saliva know that he has one thing Little Delicious and Cerberus don't have, loyalty to their masters.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Okay

    House of Pain, A Grim Prophecy, and Mandy Bites a Dog were 3 ok episodes in my eyes. I would rank them

    1 - Mandy Bites a Dog

    2 - House of Pain

    3 - A Grim Prophecy

    A Grim Prophecy didn't appeal to me. As for House of Pain and Mandy Bites a Dog, Lord Pain and Cerberus made great character debuts.
  • Poor Grim (again!). How many times does Mandy have to ruin his life??!

    This episode wasn't as good as I have hoped for. The only pomising segment was A Grim Propechy and in Singapore, I only saw it once!

    Anyway, House of Pain would have been a great episode, if not for Mandy bullying Grim and Lord Pain being manupilaed by the bratty cute girl!

    Besides the terrible House of Pain, Mandy Bites Dog was even worse. I really felt sorry for poor Saliva and Mindy and I felt Mandy got her way too much. I would have loved it if Severus just ate Mandy as she deserved to be eaten.

    Anyway, the next and final cartoon, A Grim Prophecy was great and Iiked it, except the fact poor Grim will be a slave to Mandy, the cute insensitive brat!

    Overall, the episode would have done MUCH better if not for Mandy's bullying and manupilation.moreless

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