The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 3 Episode 4

House of Pain / A Grim Prophecy / Mandy Bites Dog

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 02, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Okay

    House of Pain, A Grim Prophecy, and Mandy Bites a Dog were 3 ok episodes in my eyes. I would rank them

    1 - Mandy Bites a Dog
    2 - House of Pain
    3 - A Grim Prophecy

    A Grim Prophecy didn't appeal to me. As for House of Pain and Mandy Bites a Dog, Lord Pain and Cerberus made great character debuts.
  • Poor Grim (again!). How many times does Mandy have to ruin his life??!

    This episode wasn't as good as I have hoped for. The only pomising segment was A Grim Propechy and in Singapore, I only saw it once!

    Anyway, House of Pain would have been a great episode, if not for Mandy bullying Grim and Lord Pain being manupilaed by the bratty cute girl!

    Besides the terrible House of Pain, Mandy Bites Dog was even worse. I really felt sorry for poor Saliva and Mindy and I felt Mandy got her way too much. I would have loved it if Severus just ate Mandy as she deserved to be eaten.

    Anyway, the next and final cartoon, A Grim Prophecy was great and Iiked it, except the fact poor Grim will be a slave to Mandy, the cute insensitive brat!

    Overall, the episode would have done MUCH better if not for Mandy's bullying and manupilation.
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