The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 6 Episode 11

Hurter Monkey / Goodbling and the Hip-Hop-Opotamus

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 10, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • When Principal Goodvibes says go ahead with the question Mindy wanted to ask, he said Mandy instead of Mindy.

    • Irwin says that he's not allowed to listen to hip-hop or anything that has a musical beat, but he says "yo" in nearly every sentence. (Reply: This could be residual, as the rest of his family talks like this as well)

    • When Grim has his butler suit on, his body is almost identical to Nergal's. The only difference is that Grim's shirt is white, not red.

    • When the monkey hands his business card to Mandy, it is clearly shown that his name is spelled Dickie Galoot on the card, but when his name is listed in the credits it's spelled as Dicki.

    • Second time the phrase "Hippity-hop music" has been used. The first time was in Duck!

    • In the episode Modern Primitives, we learned that Principal Goodvibes lived in his car. But in this episode, he lives in an apartment. (Response: He Could have made enough money to move out of the car and into the apartment)

  • Quotes

    • Mindy: (to Principal Goodvibes) Yeah, um, why are you soooo boring?
      Goodvibes: I am not boring! I live a very eventful and exciting life! (cuts to Goodvibes playing a computer game) I battle the forces of evil! (cuts to a room filled with "The Powerpuff Girls" merchandise) I collect rare and important items from across the globe. (Cuts to the upper floor in his apartment, where a loud party is taking place, then pans down one story to him, ironing his clothes, very agitated by the music) I stay up all night listening to music. (Cuts back to him talking to Mindy) So I think it's fair to say that my life is anything but boring, and uncool. (Camera cuts to Mindy, who has fallen on the floor, asleep and snoring really loudly)
      Mindy: (snoring very loudly)
      Goodvives: It's not my fault. It's glandular!

    • Grim: Harvey? What am I doing in me lawyer's office? Me scythe must be malfunctioning again.
      Harvey: Your scythe is not malfunctioning. It simply won't allow you to break your friendship.
      Grim: What do you mean?
      Harvey: Let me explain. If you end your friendship prematurely, you will be removed from the other realm and sent back to the Underworld. And because you violated your contract, you'll be forced to spend eternity in Underworld Jail.
      Grim: No! Anything but Underworld Jail! You don't know what kinds of monsters they've got there. They'll turn me bones into toothpicks, man!
      Harvey: Now you know what you must do. You must go and get that monkey off your back.

    • Goodbling: Whatcha gonna do about it, granny? You're in Goodbling's house now! Hyaaaaa! And there ain't no raggety house dress wearin', old as dirt, applesause eatin' old fogie come up in my school, and tell Goodbling what to do!
      H2O: Word.
      Grandmama: Uh uh, no ya didn't. No ya didn't. That's it, sunny. You done called down the thunder, and you left me no choice. But to start baggin' on your mama. Your mama's so ugly, that people go as her for Halloween!
      Goodbling: Your mama's so stupid, she sold her car for gas money!
      Grandmama: Your mama's so ugly she made an onion cry!
      Goodbling: Your mama's so ugly, she turned Meduso to stone! Yo!
      Grandmama: Your mama's so stupid, she took a ruler to see how long she'd flip!
      Goodbling: Well, your mama's so-
      Grandmama: Your mama's so stupid, she cheated off of Billy's test!
      Goodbling: Yeah? Well, uh, your mama-
      Grandmama: Your mama's so ugly, she looked out the window, and got arrested for mooning!
      Goodbling: Uh, uh... well uh, your mama-
      Grandmama: Lemme tell ya something: Your mama's. Sooooo ugly. I tell ya she's sooooo ugly. She needs two bags to cover her face! The pound wouldn't take her away! No they wouldn't! You know what? Dracula would drink her blood!
      Dracula: Dracula wouldn't touch her with Wolfman's teeth!

    • Grim: That's it! You sawed-off little tyrant! I can't take this anymore! I do all the cooking, the cleaning, the homework, the washing, the drying, the shaking, the baking, the pooping, the scooping...
      Mandy: You also do all the complaining.
      Grim: So it's like that, eh?
      Mandy: Yeah.
      Grim: You know, Mandy, one of these days, I'll leave you kids for good, and you'll be sorry! Sorry, I tells ya!

    • Billy: Mandy bet that you would clean my filthy, disgusting house without any of us telling you to do it and I said, "No way," 'cause all you do is watch TV, eat Nutty Corn Snacks, and complain.

    • Billy: Your momma is so ugly, your dad met her in a dog show!
      Grim: Shut Up!
      Billy: Oh, oh, oh! Your momma is so stupid, she put lipstick on her head, just to make up her mind!
      Grim and Mandy: SHUT UP!!!

    • Irwin: Wow, Grandmama! You were, like, so fresh, yo! Like straight gangsta mack on the ill tent for reals, yo! Like, stoopid with mad skills!
      (Irwin's Grandmama smacks him in the face)
      Irwin's Grandmama: Don't you ever speak to your Grandmama like that, child! You kids today with your hippity-hop music and your "throw your hands in the air, wavin' like you just don't care!" Now go put on that sweater I made for you, baby.
      Irwin: Yes, Grandmama.

    • Grim: Look, I didn't bring you in this world, but I will take you out.

    • Goodbling: (to Grim) Yo! Check! 1, 2. You, whack. Oh, and by the way, yo mama so ugly she entered and ugly contest and got turned away, 'cause they told her, 'Sorry, no professionals!'

    • Grim: Alright, listen Goodbling. You've gone to far, man. You're teaching these kids about the gangsta rapper lifestyle without first giving them a proper understanding of the old-school! I'm not gonna stand for that, you hear? (sits down)

    • Billy: So-ey, I was like yeah, yeah, yeah! And he was like, yeah, yeah, yeah! And I'm like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
      Irwin: (holding a book titled "How to Talk Hip Hop") Uh, yo! That's uh, that's fresh, yo! You're like the Mac Daddy.. or something. Straight gangsterrr!
      Billy: It's gangsta! Gangsta! You're making me look bad, Irwin.
      Irwin: I'm sorry, Billy. My parents won't let me listen to hippity-hop music, yo. Or anything that has a musical beat!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The game Goodvibes plays resembles the online RPG Adventure Quest.
      Also, his computer resembles the Macintosh, or iMac.

    • Grim: (equipping himself with cleaning supplies and then cocking the Mega Drencher 3000)

      This is a reference to the famous catch phrase said by Bruce Campbell's Ash character from the Evil Dead series, whenever he is preparing to fight the undead.

    • Principal Goodvibes, as old school rapper Goodbling, wears a band-aid on his cheek. This is a parody of a practice by the rapper Nelly, who also wore a band-aid on his cheek in order to, in his own words, express solidarity with his incarcerated brother.

    • Dicki: Come on, Skeletor.

      Skeletor was the main villain in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

    • Goodvibes is seen collecting Powerpuff Girls merchandise. This is the second time Powerpuff Girls have been spoofed in the series. The first time was in the episode My Fair Mandy.

    • Title: The X-treme Adventures of Brandon and Mallory

      It is a spoof of the show, "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy".

    • When the butler monkey, Dicki Galoot, points at Grim his arm is extended and shaking in a manner very similar to the pose by the Evil Monkey in Chris' closet from the tv show, Family Guy. The shape and design of Dicki's head resembles the Evil Monkey as well.

    • Grim: Dicki, come out and play-ayyy!!

      "Warriors, come out to play-ayyy!!", is a famous tag line from the 1979 film, The Warriors. Grim delivers this line the same way as Luther. The film itself focuses on rivaling New York City gangs dressed in flamboyant matching uniforms, each with their own recognizable themes and dress codes, which gives the movie a comic book feel. In 2005, The Warriors witnessed a renewed popularity due to a DVD and video game release.

    • Irwin's Grandmama and Principal Goodvibes playing the dozens

      The dozens is an African American oral tradition in which two individuals go head to head in a contest of often good-natured, "trash-talk". They take turns insulting one another, their adversary's mother ("yo mama"), until one of them has no comeback. Each putdown, or "snap", ups the ante. The dozens is one of the contributing elements in the development of hip hop, especially the practice of freestyle battling.

    • Character Name: H2O

      This is a reference to the chemical forumula for water.

    • Character Appearances: Brandon and Mallory

      These characters (a clear parody of Billy and Mandy) resemble Bleedman's comic.

    • Irwin: Uh-oh, Uh-oh, Uh-oh...

      When Irwin is singing this his costume, he bears a resemblance to MC Hammer.

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