The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 6 Episode 2

Keeper of the Reaper

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 13, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • perfect

    billy and mandy go to court to decide who gets to keep grim after billy's dad announces they are moving. what will the court decide?

    good episode, one of the most memorable, mostly for fred fredburger. I really liked his character back when i first saw this, he was funny and i could imitate him really well. the entire episode is definitely one of the funniest of the series, i think. everything worked, not one dull scene, and the whole thing was really good, one of my favorites of the series, and so for a grade it gets an A+
  • Fred Fredburgers first legendary appearance

    Billys Dad got a new job, so Billy and his family will move away. Billly and Mandy start arguing over who should get to keep Grim. Fred Fred Burger just steals the episode with his nonsense. Nachos! Yes! Fred Fred Burger, Fred Fred Burger! F - R - E - D - F - R - E - D - B - U - R - G - E - R! Yes! I just love the character that he is! And hes going to be in a spin off show called Underfist! Fred Fred Burger rules! Hes getting his own show! Yes!
  • F-R-E-D F-R-E-D-B-U-R-G-E-R!

    I love Fred Fredburger. I may get my name changed to Cri Criburger in tribute.

    This is a great episode. A classy musical number "Grim's not a toy for an idiot boy who can't even tie his shoes...", comedy genius in Fred Fredburger and a heart warming conclusion.

    As always, this episode bridges the gap between toilet humour and being genuinly clever. It's a fine ballance that generally works. It's nice to see a "full length" story that gives a little more room to breathe. And did I mention that I love Fred Fredburger? Though I do feel for the poor judge.
  • Fred Fred Burger is revealed! The battle over Grim!!!

    This episode was so funny! Wow, one of the best characters are revieled. The dumb witted elephant, Fred Fred Burger. When Billy leaves, it was funny as he moarns and when Mandy says "I second that emotion". The battle over Grim was hilarious. Escpecially the part when they sang together. And Grim didn't even get a say in the argument. When Grim says that they are acting like spoiled children, he tells them to act like spoiled adults. And to go to court. It was funny when Billy gets the wrong court. So this episode was really funny and one of the best of this show.
  • Fred Fredburger rules !!!

    This episdoe was the best.

    Fred Fredburger had been brough up to do jury work.Billy is moving and Billy and Mandy both want Grim to keep. Meanwhle Fred Fredburger keeps inturuping the court with his idiotic needs,like nachos. He also keeps saying yes to everything. In the end him saying yes to verything made it all better and they both kept Grim

    It gets a then out of ten score from me,to make sure they dont go over broad with Fred. Billyis stupidity also made it a good eppisode and Grim traped in the cage,all good stuff. I hope this show goes on for a while longer.
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  • As you know fred fredburger is summoned for jury duty. and he keeps talking to the blue guy most of the episode. but you know the funniest part is when fred fredburger says don't worry I found the nachos. and I got to make a poopoo.I think you'd say that.

    And I would say my favorite part was the singing part I love that part sooooooooo much!!!!!!!! You've got to believe me. And I like the part where fred fredburger keep saying his name while he's going poopoo. Don't you think fred fredbuger is funny too. You've got to say that too!!!! Aren't you glad they had this episode. IT'S AWESOME!!! And I'm glad they made the episode. Fred FredBurger is the best ever!!!! If you haven't seen the episode then....WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU??? You have to see it because it's so funny and you'll definetly like it more than anything else!!
  • "Don't worry, I found some nachos! Yes."

    Billy's family is moving but who gets Grim? Billy and Mandy go to court to see who will be the Keeper of the Reaper. However, one of the jurors: Fred Fredburger; keeps interrupting.

    This episode is the best half-hour episode of the series. Like almost every half-hour episode, there's a musical number sung by Billy, Mandy, Grim, Judge Roy Spleen, Fred Fredburger and everyone else in the courtroom (except Irwin).

    Fred Fredburger can be funny, but he's one of those characters on the line of hilarious and just plain annoying. Billy, as usual, has the best lines but there's one line from Harold just as good.

    "He'd better look like me, 'cause if he looked like you... he'd be pretty!"
  • I would give this episode a 0 if the rating scale would let me. And by the way, the introduction of this idiot Fred FredBurger has stopped me from watching this show for good.

    This is another disappoinment as well as all the other new episodes this show has made. This episode has stopped me from watching this series... FOR GOOD! All this show uses now is hidden adult humor, disgusting jokes, and nonstop retardation from Billy. But now, another character just as stupid as Billy has just been introduced in this episode called Fred FredBurger. This annoying thing just drove me crazy with his idiocy and annoyed me so much, I stopped watching this show for good. This show doesn't teach kids nothing anymore except being a stupid idiot and doing disgusting things for a laugh. And how the heck is Fred FredBurger funny in any sort of way? How can people put up with this moron? What's so funny about him being stupid? NOTHING! Exactly! And another thing to, another one of the things this show uses to be funny is by making people so stupid. Stupidity is not funny, so why do people think it is? Whatever you do, don't let your kids (or yourself for that matter) watch this mess, especially this episode, unless you want to be stupid just like most of the characters in this show. Cartoon Network has lost interest all because of this trash. Cancel it before it cancels you! 1/10
  • when harold gets transferred at work,billys family is forced to move. grim promised to be best friends with both of billy and mandy causing them to go to court where the obnoxious fred fredburger comes in and actually solves the problem when theres a tie.

    one of the best G.A.B.M. episodes I've ever seen.When my friends told me about it I was shocked I missed it while I was on vacation.then I went home and recorded it and was it funny?YES!!!=)the best but they could have made it longer and funnier.then when the second episode came i was was too short=(but lets focus on the first episode was good and had an ok ending but fred fredburger was fanominal. they could have had a better twist at the end like grim going with fred fredburger or something really funny but i guess not.i'm hoping for #3!. $jimmyjr$
  • In this episode, Billy and Mandy go to court to decide who gets Grim, and meet the crazy Fred Fredburger. Perhaps the best episode of the series.

    This episode may be the funniest episode to date. Without Fred Fredburger, this episode would be nowhere near as good. This episode has a very nice plot, while managing to be funnier than perhaps any other Grim Adventures episode. In fact, Fred Fredburger went on to star in another episode after this one. In this episode, Fred Fredburger constantly interrupts the trial, and everyone involved, to either make a silly comment, ask for food (usually nachos) say "yes" in his own way, or maybe something else. This episode was so great, I hoped to see Fred Fredburger in many episodes following this one.

  • Fred Fredburger = Best Billy and Mandy Character

    This episode introduces without a doubt one of the best characters ever to grace The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and his name is Fred Fredburger. He also aires in the best episode ever. The plot was good with Billy and Mandy fighting over Grim in court. The cameos by Skarr, Lil' Porkchop, Eris, Scooby Doo (my personal favorite cameo), Doctor Ghastly. But this episode should go to Fred Fredburger. The song was catchy though. I loved how he kept interrupting court pure gold. I hope to see Fred Fredburger in future episodes which might be truing judging on how popular he is now.
  • Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger!

    Omg, I loved this entire episode! Well, actually, not at first. At first, I didn't like Fred Fredburger, because he bugged me. Then he won me over, and he made me laugh so hard! He just kept saying things at totally inappropriate moments. "I have to make poo-poo!"
    The rest of the episode was great too. It was almost exactly like a real custody battle...and I think I learned more about the court system from this episode than I did from my law books. And the musical was just perfect!
    Great episode, great characters, wonderful song. See it!
    Peace out, y'all!
  • This episode is my favorite one mostly because of Fred Fredburger. It is very amusing to watch Mandy sing and smile and do things all out of her dark and evil behavior.

    Because of this episode my name here on is Fredfredburgerk. They should make another episode with Fred Fredburger in it. I have always had the image of his first day of kindergarden at a new school. This is what it is like:

    Teacher: (slow, boring voice) Class, I would like to introduce you to our new student, Fred...Fred...burger.
    Fred: Yes

    Music class:

    Teacher:(fast and happy voice) Okay kids, today we are singing the Welcome to Underworld song! Ah one, two, three

    All except Fred: Welcome to our world. Un-der-world.
    welcome to our world. Un-der-world.
    We all lo- (record scracthes as Fred interupts song) Fah-la-la-la-la-lalalalalala-lalalaaaaa(bows). Wanna hear more?
  • Don't worry! I found some Nachos!

    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy has always been a good series, but this is the icing on the cake! Fred FredBurger is an inspirasion to us all. He tought us many important lessons, like Nachos make you poo poo, and screaming your name as loud as you can over and over again while hiting the wall with a hammer-thingie will make you and other people happy. I also learned Grim is the stain in Billy's underwear. What that means, I do not know. Nor do I want to. Now if you excuse me, I have to makt a poo poo.
  • Very good episode.

    One of the funniest episode ever made. Fred Fredburger was the funniest thing since sliced bread.\"When do we get hamme thingies, cause I could make something really nice, like a table, or some chairs.\" Is one of the funniest quotes IMO. First time I watched it, I had NO idea who would win the case. It\'s still funny after plenty of airings. Another funny quote: \"I want you to- Don\'t touch that!\"

    Billy\'s role: Billy is totally clueless about how cases work. Example:
    Billy: I\'ll see you in court!
    Grim: Wrong court, dummy.

    Mandy: Mandy is very adultlike in this episode. She knows everything about cases, like exhibits and court terms.

    Grim: Doesn\'t do much in the episode, but he\'s the center of attention.

    Judge: He basically wants to get rid of Fred Fredburger more than finish the case.

    Fred Fredburger: Even more clueless than Billy. He doesn\'t even care.

    Overall, VERY good episode.
  • This episode made me laugh my head off. Fred was a complete imbecile and all of his sayings were hilarious.

    This episode is, personally, one of the best ones yet. The plot was great. Fred was great ( although incredibly stupid) and the song was great. I sing it whenever I can. What I really like is the cinamatic-ish look they gave it by using shadows on the characters. This is truly the best of the best.
  • Me: Judge, When do we get hammer thingies ? Judge: This is a gavel, and no you don't get one ! Me: Can I borrow yours for a minute ? Thank You !

    Meet Fred FredBurger, a resident of the underworld who goes to jury duty one day to see if Billy or Mandy gets custody of Grim. After Billy finds out he is moving to a new town he wants custody of Grim, unfortunately Mandy wants Grim too so they go to court to see who does. While in there, it gets ugly, really ugly... ugly... like that guy *points*. And... Fred Fred Burger interrupts : Crunch, why are you writing this review? Me: Cause I want to ! Anyway Fred Fred Burger keeps annoying the judge and the entire courtroom throughout the entire episode. Will Billy and Mandy settle this case once and for all ? Or will Fred Fred Burger drive everyone insane ?
  • Only The Best Episode Ever

    This is , in my opinion, the best episode ever! Fred Fredburger is actually stupider than Billy. I never thought that was possible. And Judge Roy Spleen returns and is absolutly hilarious in this one. And the best part of the episode is the song. I love musical numbers and this has got to be the best I've ever seen. If you don't watch this show, this one will make you start watching it. I give this awesome episode a 10 out of 10.

    Fred Fredburger, Fred Fredburger, Fred Fredburger, Fred Fredburger, Fred Fredburger, Fred Fredburger, Fred Fredburger. Yes.
  • realy funny!

    In the grim aventures of billy and mandy there
    was this episode Keeper of the reaper and billy and mandy go to court this gay guy named fred fred
    burger interopes every time for for if he had to
    take a crap or he had to piss or he did some thing
  • Fred Fredburger!

    Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger!
  • Best Of The Series

    I really have to say this is the true best episode of billy and mandy i have ever seen.they cant get any funnier then this i was laughing all night long when i saw this episode.they should have fred fred burger in this show more. i give this episode a 10 out of 10
  • A great, very good, and really funny episode of Billy and Mandy and I have enjoyed it. One of my favorites and one of the best episodes!

    A really great episode. This episode should get an award because it's really great. I like their song and FredFred Burger's interruption of what they were doing. FredFred burger is annoying but he's really funny.I like the part when some of the peoples that Billy, Grim or Mandy knew say things about Mandy like the word "cruel" and then after that, Mindy bite Billy's finger. That's very funny. This episode is really funny and I have enjoyed it so much. Or should I say a magnificent episode of Billy and Mandy. This episode of the show is the best episode to me! I really like it and I love it. The best and the funniest episode of Billy and Mandy!
  • An "A+" episode!

    I like the part when they sang the "Keeper of the Reaper Song."I like part when Fredfred Burger acted stupid and funny. I also like the part when Mandy bit Billy's finger. For me this is one of the BEST episode of "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy." (So yeah,I like this episode)
  • I hate you Fred Fred Burger for getting that stupid song stuck in my head.

    Ever since i watched this episode, i'm sometimes caught sing that song Fred Fred Burger kept singing. Everytime i sing it, my friends stare at me as if i was on drugs (which i don't do because i don't wanna kill myself) and is almost ruinig my rep. You'll pay for this Fred Fred Burger.
  • FredFred Burger! FredFred Burger! FredFred Burger! FredFred Burger! FredFred Burger! FredFred Burger! FredFred Burger! FredFred Burger!

    This is by far one of the best episodes of Billy and Mandy. After Billy's dad's work office is being taken elsewhere, they must move along with it and leave Endsvile. Of course, by this Billy becomes depressed and gets into a fight with Mandy over who gets custody of Grim. Grim, annoyed by the fighting, takes the case down to the Underworld Court to settle the matter. However, the episode truly starts with the introduction of a huge character in the episode, FredFred Burger (he's my favroite guest star now) waking up, eating breakfeast, and he seems very happy-go-lucky. A misquito then comes to his door and says he has been summouned for jury duty. Of course, he gets Grim's case. We also see how much FredFred Burger LOVES paperwork. Throughout the whole episode, FredFred Burger seems to interupt anyone who is speaking with stupid question such as "Where are the nachos?" and "I have to make wee-wee" it's a very special episode and if your in for a good laugh, WATCH THIS EPISODE!!
  • One of the best episodes since Billy Ocean/Hill Billy!

    Keaper of the Reaper proves yet again that the Billy and Mandy still have the magic touch *ding*. In this episode Billy and Mandy fight to get custody of Grim. Who will win? Well Mandy actually since Billy in the end gets put under house arrest. I like the appearances of Jeff the Spider, Major Doctor Ghastly, Eris and Lil Porkchop. I also like all the harsh words that were used to describe Mandy especially when Scooby Doo was talking. And now we know that Mandy's parents are scared of her. So anyway I enjoyed this episode even with the annyoing but funny Fred Fredburger. "How many times do I have to tell you?" "This is my house!"
  • Billy vs. Mandy Round Two: Keeper of the Reaper

    Once again, Billy and Mandy fight over the possession of the Grim Reaper since "The Really Odd Couple". Only this time, it's been settled in the Netherworld Court. Billy's parents were planning on moving out of Endsville. The big-nosed idiot and the grumpy little brat want Grim by their sides, but which side?

    Besides Billy being annoying in most episodes, Fred Fredburger is far the most obnoxious character in this very special episode. He performed two running gags during court. If you are one of the people who hate this guy, all in favor say "aye!" Doesn't this creep ever shut the hell up?!

    Anyway, this full-length episode is better than the ones about the great Cthulu, Mandy against Mindy in the pageant, the wishing skull, and the snake nerds.
  • this was the best episode ever

    i love the song keeper of the reaper!! this is obviously the best episode ever i just love Fred Fredburger he is very funny and retarded \"I have to make poopoo!! this\'ll keep me laughing all day fred fredburger fred fredburger fred fredburger. the creators do a great job on this show and this is another good episode. this is definetly my fav
  • I Have To Say This Is One Of The Best Episodes I Have Seen In Quite A While...

    I Have To Say This Is One Of The Best Episodes I Have Seen In Quite A While...Fred Fredburger Was An Instant Classic In My Book. I Got A Few Giggles Out Of The Song. I Was Also Happy To See The Judge Characters Return. This Ep. Gets Two Thumbs Up!
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