The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 2 Episode 3

Mandy the Merciless / Creating Chaos / The Really Odd Couple

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 27, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Mandy the brat!

    In Mandy the Merciless, Grim lets Billy, Irwin and Mandy see the future. The future is quite predictable. Mandy is the immortal ruler. It's not fair! How come she gets everything??! Anyway, in the end, she just lied to Billy because she had her sources, not that wasnt nice.... I would love to see Mandy destroyed for once as she is a brat. That is one reason why I gave the show a 4.6.

    Then, in Creating Chaos, Eris looks different and sounds different from her last appearance, "To Eris Human". The gross humor did really not amuse me here.

    The last cartoon was basically how Mandy and Billy can survive in Billy's room while Mandy's house gets fumigated after Billy's stink bomb.. This episode was the LAST STRAW for me when I saw that Mandy lied to Grim and took over Billy's room. I THOUGHT how could people watch this cartoon and like seeing a girl putting scotch tape on a boy's mouth and piling bricks in his store cupboard and stashing him there. That is why i hate this show. It's because the antagonist (Mandy) got away. You just cant help but feel sorry for Billy.
  • Mandy shows off her evily style.

    So I'll start with the last part first. The last part Billy accidently destorys Mandy's house so she and her family must stay in his, and share a room. Things don't really work out then, because in the end Mandy ends up building a brick wall over a closet and locking Billy in it. Evil, but Mandy's good in that way. In the second part, Eris needs someone stupid to help her rule the world and chooses Billy. But he drives her crazy, leading to him throwing the apple at her and causing a huge explosion. In the first part Grim fortells the future and sees Mandy ruling the world. That's cool. Anyway, I liked this episode because it showed how Mandy is so evil(go Mandy!). But the production and the animation could've been better, but hey, the new episodes are the best and this was one of the best episodes for the first and second season.
  • Absolutely boring

    Man, how boring was that, there wasn't that many good parts to it. I mean, Mandy the Merciless, Mandy ruler of the World or so, I could see that coming, and also see that coming really boringly. Creating Chaos was just out of the box. The Really Odd Couple, just simple, Billy and Mandy rivalry. I'll spell it for you, b-o-r-i-n-g.
  • "Creating Chaos" is a really funny episode!

    Eris make a plan to create chaos in the world with Billy's help, but it fails and she seems herself going insane with Billy's dumbness. I must to say that I liked the humor style of that episode, it was purely random and cute. It was pretty hilarious when Eris finally cracked up.

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