The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 1 Episode 3

Mortal Dilemma / Get Out of My Head

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 07, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • great

    mortal delimma- grim cannot reap anyone while billy and mandy are at school so he tries to do good deeds for people, which end badly.

    get out of my head- grim teaches billy how to get in a person's head and make them do things. billy does this on mandy and makes her do various silly things. good episodes, get out of my head is one of my favorite episodes of the series. overall for these two combined my grades would be C for the first, B+/A- for the second. Good episodes i think at least. not terrible not perfect
  • Some pretty good episodes. First time Grim gets his own episode, I think. Plus, we get to see Billy possess Mandy; always good.

    Not the greatest of episodes, but worthy of praise nonetheless. The best part is by far 'Get Out of my Head!'. Where else would we get to see Mandy acting like a hyperactive idiot? Milkshakes even has his own song and dance number (sort of). And there are other funny moments and dialogue to go along with these--the 'nobody died today' headline in the obituaries Grim reads in particular (pretty sure it's in one of these episodes). Mandy's lines at the end of Get Out could also be considered a memorable show moment.

    More proof that the Grim & Evil era of the show should not be overlooked by fans.
  • 7 out of 10 gotta do it

    Well, if you look at that, here we go again, on the Average type of episodes for the season. As I said, it started out not so good, but it'll get better gradually. Billy needs Grim to help him study, so a "bookworm" gotta do the job. Of course, Billy gets on the worm's job, and refuses to help him, but is convinced by Billy.
  • Grim is forced to adapt alongside the living, while Billy discovers the secret to mind control.

    Mortal Dilemma - Slightly above average, and the stronger of the two acts. As Billy and Mandy leave for school, Grim is left at home, where he is given strict orders to stay away from any forms of reaping whatsoever. For rim, however, this is no easy task. Someone's going to kick the bucket, he assures himself. However, things take a wild turn when Grim accidentally rescues a boy who nearly skateboards off a cliff. Grim then makes it his new duty to protect civilians instead of kill them. Of course, this hope of his is crushed when the kids return home, and force him to once again do household chores. The episode was a nice glimpse at how Grim struggles to surive away from the underworld, but the episode had realatively few laughs compared to the one that preceeded it.

    Get Out of My Head - One of the worst Billy and Mandy acts ever. Grim tells Billy the secret of getting into someone's head by taking control of his cat, Milkshakes, in an absolutely horrible musical score which, fortunately, only lasts for a matter of seconds. Billy then tries this trick on Mandy, where he embarrasses her by picking his nose in mandy's body and failing all her tests. Eventually, Mandy regains control and knocks Billy out of her head, and swears revenge. Pretty much all of the jokes in this episode were relatively stupid. Definitely not the best the show has to offer.
  • Yet another average episode.

    Yet another average episode.

    The kitty cat song was the funniest patrt in this episode, and pretty much the only reason I put "average" instead of finding something harsher.

    In Mortal Dilemma, Grim tries to do good deeds while Mandy and Billy are at school, since he's "not allowed" to "reap".

    In Get Out of My Head, Billy learns how to jump into people's bodies and control them...however, he never uses the skill after this episode. He spends most of it in Mandy's body, making her look like an idiot...then he gets beat up. By Mandy.