The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 5 Episode 1

My Fair Mandy

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 29, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Yah Beauty Pagent *sarcasm*

    I loved this episode so much. Mindy just likes to start things from my view. I never realized how ugly Mandy was in that show. That was messed up when Mandy had a paper bag on her face and Bily thought she looked better. XD Wow and the most awkward question to ask "Am i pretty" then Grim and Billy laughed so hard.
  • There's a beauty pagent in Endsville, and Mandy is planning to win. Now if only she could smile...

    This was an interesting episode, in which Mandy enters a beauty pagent to prove herself.

    Of course, to win, she might have to smile, which apparently, she never does, according to Billy. Actually, she has once or twice, but he wasn't around either time, plus there is the fact that the episodes aren't exactly canon with each other.

    That part at the end where reality came undone when Mandy smiled was interesting, although I felt the Powerpuff Girls thing was pushing it a little.
  • hey why do I need to summarize? just watch the episode..Its too funny to miss anyway!!

    This was a very funny episode..I was waiting for an episode in which Mindy would do some introspection about her looks and femininity. Grey DeLisle does a perfect job singing \'over the rainbow\' Mindy-style.. The ending of the episode was so outrageously funny!! The grim version of 2001 space odyssey was just so incredibly clever and hilarious!! It just keeps getting better!
  • Maxwell Atoms is the most daring cartoon maker going today.

    Anyone can make a cartoon show out there with outrageous characters, surreal plots, and the requisite poop and grossout gags. Then there's Maxwell Atoms, who makes it looks so ridiculously easy with "The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy", and "My Fair Mandy" is a prime example of his twisted genius.

    Mandy's sourness, much like Billy's idiocy, has become a Zen, a root cause. Because she mirrors rationale when all about are losing their collective minds. We are the only ones to witness her knowing grin in "A Dumb Wish," but Atoms lets it all hang out with the climax of this episode. He told audiences at Comic-Con in 2005 that Mandy would smile. He didn't tell us how, and that's what made this episode's climax a terrific surprise and the ending topping the climax (Billy, Mandy and Grim as the Powerpuff Girls? BRILLIANT!).

    Bless Maxwell Atoms' twisted mind.
  • She was never mean't to smile

    Opening at the school, we see that everywhere people are eating lemons and limes for scurvy appreciation week, Mandy opens her locker to see Irwin sucking a lime disgustingly and shuts it again, turning to see a giant parade float with Mindy riding it crushing all the students. Once Mandy gets on, Mindy starts dissin' her about the students that are being crushed bow before her, that she's going to win the little miss scurvy padgent and about Mandy being ugly, but Pricipal Goodvibes says he thinks Mindy might have had a point,"Mandy, the only one who can tell you if you're a panel of three judges! Here's a padgent entry form. On the side walk, Grim is carrying Billy and his bag, when Mandy comes out of a bush and asks if they think she's pretty, because she's thinking about entering a beauty padgent, which is reponded by 2 days of laughter and Mindy appearing on her float, teasing all three of them, and leaving to get a rib removed. Grim decides to enlist the help of the underworlds best makeover artist, but i can't remember her name, to make Mandy beautiful, or else she has no hope of winning. Now we see Raven, saying, "Will mandy win the padgent? Will she ever learn to smile? I don't care! But here's an important commercial message. IMPORTANT. COMMERCIAL. MESSAGE!!" After a short flashback of the week, in which Billy and Grim tried to get Mandy to smile, we see Grim and Billy at the padgent, watching all the girls being made as horrific, or beautiful as possible by their mothers as they wait for Mandy to come, who ends up looking more scary than anything else. After the various rounds of costumes, the talent round ends up putting Mandy right behind Mindy, giving her the win if she can smile during her "Over the Rainbow" musical number, as well as sees Grim, Billy and Irwin holding signs saying, U, HAVE, 2, SMILE, YO.........YO! After straining a muscle out of order, Mandy finally smiles, which in turn causes reality to fall apart, putting Grim, Billy and Mandy into the Powerpuff Girls universe.
    The End
  • Three words: HI. LAR. IOUS.

    This is arguably the greatest Billy and Mandy episode ever next to \"Pandora\'s Lunchbox\" (in my opinion of course!). I couldn\'t stop laughing. The gags and the characters were spot on. It\'s an instant classic. The idea of Mandy competing in a beauty pageant is hilarious because it is something she would normally not do. It also pokes fun at those child beauty pageants that you see on the Bravo channel all the time. Also, it is always great to see Mindy get her come-uppance. she is a great foil to Mandy. I hope to see more episodes like this in the future. I would nominate this particular episode for an Emmy if I could!
  • Pretty good

    After Mindy gloats at Mandy about all of the competitions that she's won, now she says that she's gonna win the Little Miss Scurvy Pageant. But Mandy decides to join. But the thing is, she does it all with a little frown. So Crabina, Grim, Billy, and Irwin want her to smile, yo. Mandy tries, but something happens that causes it to become the Powerpuff Girl Dimmension!
  • The second best episode, beside "Nursery crimes".

    This is one of the best episodes there is - I just LOVE IT! Mandy asking Grim about her beauty brought me to cry! And Billy with his "What's wrong with my nose?" line! It's hillarious!
    Conclusion: Die, Mindy, die! Mandy is the most beautiful! Buaxaxaxaxa!
    Umm. Well, I simply adore this episode, because:
    principal said "It's...beautiful!"
    Mandy kicked Mindy's butt being the most beautiful of all.
    Grim said "I sense a disturbance in the Force
    and Billy left without his nose two times. Isn't it enough?
  • My Fair Mandy was a great episode of "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" because the episode lets the fans know how she felt.

    My Fair Mandy, in my personal opinion was quite a brilliant episode.

    The episode provided fans quite well about Mandy. It did seem weird to most fans that she worries about beauty. But personally, i feel she was preetier than most of the other contestants in the Little Miss Scurvy paegant.

    Anyway, Mindy's remarks werent annoying which also made this episode superb. And mandy's talent performance and swimsuit was preety and adorable. And, Billy and Grim's remarks to her being preety were quite mean but I guess she did rather deserve it.

    It seems the only flaw I really had with the episode was when her smile alters the cartoon universe, but in the same network!

    It was good to see Grim, Billy and Mandy as the powerpuff girls, but I felt Grim should have been Buttercup while Billy be Blossom because of the hair color. And for those PPG haters, this show did indeed a great job mockin it (in my opinion) as it payed homage.
  • The Smile of Mandy is already repeated but the episode isn't.

    Weird is sometimes the great act of an episode of the show. But its not that partful as it has some fans getting the head on to a bad ending. Back at the word "Weird" its now tuned up as all of reality as we know it is gone and it was all of Mandy's smile. We heard about it when Mandy was wearing a mask and we know that she really hates to be a nice little girl. Overall its a great episode with some glitchs on board. I give this one a 9.5 out of 10.
  • Frightenly awesome in a deranged way.... exactly why I watch this program.

    I love the full length epeisodes and I love them even more when they're all abou Mandy. It was awesome to see Mandy get dressed up again, though I did like what she wore in crushed a lot better. This episode just tickled my dark sense of humour if you know what I mean. Not that you guys out there who watch it religiously like I do watch it because you strick Christians anyway.
  • i like this epsisode.

    I like it when mandy smiles and everything goes wrong.and they tunrn into the Powder puff girls! Opps did i powder powder P.O.W.D.E.R.! I mean Power he he. As what im saying making it sweet and goes uhhh. well this episode is very funny and great.good job Atom Maxwell or Maxwell Atoms Keep up the good work!=)
  • Excellent!

    the talking raven with a chalice and next to a fireplace yelling to announce the arrival of commercials or for messing with the natural order makes the episode worth watching in itself. principal goodvibes is hillarious. in this episode we also see that despite mandy's meanness to the world and the people arround her, they all want to see her smile not just because she never does but because they care about her.
  • Its maybe the most touching episode of Billy and Mandy ever.

    Its maybe the most touching episode of TGAOBAM ever.Mandy singing Over The Rainbow almost made me cry(and I almost never cry).It also had its fair share of randomness.Mindy and "sarcasam",and Mindy snapping her fingers,and Billy's huge book,but most importantly,the end and their song...


    Hey, mon

    I just wanna say, mon

    If you'd only smile

    once in a while

    maybe your face wouldn't look so vile.



    Just give it a trial!


    Underworld Stylist:

    It's always in style.



    This song is a big, stinking pile.
  • Wow this episode was hilarious!

    This is one of the funniest episodes of Billy and Mandy yet and I have to give a lot of credit to C.H. Greenblatt who wrote and did the storyboard for this episode. It seemed like every joke in this episode just worked, and the plot was ingenious. The whole scurvy prevention theme was great and I really liked when Principal Goodvibes tried to make out how serious the cause was. (What the heck was he singing anyway?) Billy's stupidness was awesome in this one. When he said that he was going to take off Mindy's pants I cracked up. Also who was the that random guy in his underwear waving and eating Cheerios? Oh man this show is nuts! The shining moments came in the closing few minutes when Mandy gave a full on rendition of "Over the Rainbow". I was starting to wonder why they were going on with it so long but then when I saw the aftermath I think it was all worth it. As soon as Mandy finally smiled and Grim said "Did you ever get the feeling something really bad is about to happen," I saw some of the funniest stuff I have ever seen. The whole messing with the nautural order was great and when I saw the widescreen paradoxal screens vanish and Grim, Billy, and Mandy appear in the Powerpuff Girls' room I was laughing so hard I was crying. What a perfect ending. This episode rules! Carl Greenblat is an awesome cartoon writer and I really liked his stuff on SpongeBob too. There have been some really funny episodes of Grim Adventures but I have to say this episode is in the top 3. I hope to see more like this in future.............yo!
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