The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 5 Episode 2

One Crazy Summoner / Guess What's Coming to Dinner

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 05, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • To be honest, this was a great episode, but not the good kind of great episode.

    This episode was okay, if you ask me. I thought of One Crazy Summoner... to be more, I guess you could say, "odd." But Guess What's Coming to Dinner was a little on the right side of the bed. In One Crazy Summoner, Nigel Planter calls for Billy and Mandy's help, since he finds the love of his life, but Herfeffanie turns him down. And of course, man-to-man kissing... I don't want to say it. In Guess What's Coming to Dinner, Hoss and Eris pose as Harold and Gladys, but when Principal Goodvibes comes, Eris causes chaos from here to there.
  • Is there some reason why they just NOW decided to make Principal Goodvibes into a recurring character?

    One Crazy Summoner:
    The third Nigel Planter episode in a recurring series of Harry Potter parodies. Unlike the previous two episodes, "One Crazy Summoner" doesn't directly parody the movies, but instead takes stabs as simple things like character's names, with a plot that doesn't have anything to do with Potter at all. Such examples of this include Nigel's rival, Dorko Malfly, and his ability to talk to snacks (instead of snakes). The main plot is about Nigel trying to get some girl to like him, only to be outshined by Dorko every time. Toadblatt and the Squid Hat (Weird Al) each make brief cameos, as well, including an incredibly disturbing scene where Toadblatt drinks a love potion and the two of them make out (The things this show gets away with are amazing). Overall, it was better than "The Chamber Pot of Secrets", but not as good as "Toadblatt's School of Sorcery".

    Guess What's Coming to Dinner?:
    One of the most hilarious segments in the entire series, as well as the funniest "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" parody I've ever seen. Hoss returns, as great as he ever was. Now, previously I have referred to Eris being far to overused, appearing in episodes that would have been absolutely fine without her, but this episode utilized her perfectly. We also have the return of Principal Goodvibes, a character which needs to be used FAR more often. The running gags of this episode, the mispronunciation of his name, were great. The pure randomness of the episode was great, in fact. From the giant alien lobsters being summoned out of nowhere, with Hoss blasting the living crap out of them, to the ending where Billy's academy turns out to be a military school where he's held up to gunfire (Again, they're really pushing the censors), this was the most randomly stupid thing I've seen in my entire life. And I LOVED it.

    "You like stepping in my cornflakes, Goodburger? Do ya? Well, let me tell you about stepping in someone else's cornflakes - it's a weird way to eat cornflakes."
  • Hillarious

    That episode was funny especially the end where aris says see you later Mr. Good I'm an ediite. A fine example of tv funny. My personal favorite was when he tied his shoe and got it to the table and aris graded it. one of the best so far this series 8/16/05