The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 1 Episode 2

Opposite Day / Look Alive!

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 31, 2001 on Cartoon Network
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Opposite Day / Look Alive!
Opposite Day: Billy and Mandy tell Grim it's opposite day and have him do chores for them. Look Alive!: Grim tries to get a job as a swimsuit model, but they won't take him. So Billy and Mandy try to help by giving him a makeover.

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  • good

    opposite day- billy and mandy trick grim into thinking it is opposite day so he will do whatever they ask of him. but is it really opposite day or is it just a lie?

    look alive- grim wants to be a model but he is too ugly. will a makeover with the help of billy and mandy help him do what he wants?

    good episodes, not perfect but pretty good, opposite day was better, but look alive has its moments, so my overall grade for these episodes is in the "B" range, it is not great, but not too terrible eithermoreless
  • lol Opposite Day

    lol opposite day was so funny especially when grim gave mandy's dog a kiss (i think that happened)and the other episode was just FUNNY!! i like opposite day cause its silly cause mandy tricks grim in doing chores and stuff the other episode was funny cause when grim got a makeover it looked funny i also liked opposite day cause in the end grim got so confused so he started punching his head with a hammer lol these episode is very very old but as it said in the other reviews it deserves to be watch, just because its old that dosent me that you dont have to see it these episodes are funny i give these episodes a 10/10moreless
  • They're old episodes, and a farcry from the more recent installments, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve to be watched.

    Say what you want, 'Opposite Day' is one of my favorite episodes. The feel of the show might have been a little different at the time, as were some aspects of the character's personalities, but all the elements that make the show great are there. Good storylines, good dialogue, and while the jokes may not be as outrageous, they're worth more than just a chuckle.

    Come on people! Remember the swimsuit commercial in 'Look Alive!'? Grim plays video games! Billy and Mandy eat pie! These episodes are awesome!

    There's nothing wrong with the older episodes, and in a lot of ways I like them more. It's different--Mandy treats Billy more like an equal friend, they both gang up on Grim, and Mandy smiles (I think), but I like that it's different.

    Definitely more than just average.moreless
  • Although I really like this show, I didn't like this and the first episode too well.

    Ok so in the first part Billy and Mandy tricks Grim into doing whatever they want by thier "Opposite Day" (or reverse psycology) trick and right when Grim figures out how to do it, they reverse it again. In the next part Grim wants to be a... swimsuit model. Which kind of freaked me out. I mean it wasn't that funny it was kinda gross. So in the end when he does make it as a model, he's the ugly one in the commericial. Theres nothing really else to say, it was an exceptional episode, but compared to a lot of other episodes in this show it could've done a lot better. Average. And a little painful.moreless
  • Pretty good

    I would rate this 3 out of 5 stars. It was actually pretty good, better than the last episode, but still part of the "not my kind of grim adventures of billy and mandy episodes." Opposite Day comes into town, which causes Grim to be fooled with all of the tricks played by Billy and Mandy, and it turns out not to be Opposite Day at all.
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